UPDATED: Any experience with NUC10i7FNH + ROCK + Qobuz? [Was: Intel NUC + ROCK -- Qobuz won't work]

Hi @otinkyad,

I’m not sure if you have had a chance to perform the DNS change or give Ubuntu a try, but if you need further help here, just let me know!

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Hello @noris – many thanks for following up!

I was waiting on an internet speed upgrade that was supposed to happen last week but ended up not happening. But it has now finally been made today, just a few minutes ago. So now I’ll be testing the NUC again, to see if the internet upgrade simply takes care of the issues.

If not, then I think I’ll next make the static IP change and ask you to monitor logs. Two questions, if that’s OK:

  1. For this option, I guess I have to reserve an IP address in the modem configuration and then assign that in the ROCK web interface – is that right? I think I can do web search to figure out how to do the modem part, but your confirmation that this is what I need to do would be helpful.

  2. And, should I make the DNS change at the modem level or at the ROCK interface level? – and should I be trying the same and as before?


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Hi @otinkyad,

You can make the change at the router level, but you can also “force” it at the ROCK level by setting up the static DNS. I would first try to change it on the router to see if it helps. The DNS servers we suggest are Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS.

Yes, this is correct, I would reserve the IP in the router and then you can try static + the DNS. Please be careful when setting up the static IP as settings the wrong IP can cause you to lose Network access to ROCK. If you do make an error here though, there is a way to reset the network settings by using a USB keyboard + a command.

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Hello @noris – thanks for the reply!

I have an update – the internet service speed upgrade that I got installed last week (and perhaps the newer modem that came with it) seems to have moved my NUC8+ROCK+Qobuz into an acceptable level of stability. I’m still testing, so for now will qualify this as a preliminary conclusion!

Interestingly, there is still a very clear difference in the snappiness of Qobuz streaming when using my Windows 10 laptop as Core vs when using the NUC8 as Core. When using the Core on the laptop, Qobuz snaps into the next track instantly, and loads images and album info right away. When using the Core on the NUC8, there is a very definite bit of lag. But so far, the lag on the NUC8 is for me within the acceptable range of performance.

I may still like to do the DNS + Static changes, and ask you to monitor logs. Will get back to you as soon as possible on that (within the next week or so), hope that’s OK. (I’ll make sure not to keep this thread hanging open beyond that!).

[EDIT: I do have one question about Audio Zones on the NUC. In the interests of keeping this thread clean, I’ll start another thread about that…]

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Hi @otinkyad,

Happy to hear that the speed upgrades have helped here!

Sounds good, no problem! I can leave the thread open as long as you want, no rush to close it, just let me know when that time comes :slight_smile:

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Hello @noris – Just wanted to let you know that the NUC/ROCK Qobuz streaming has been stable enough after my internet speed upgrade that I don’t feel a need to do further diagnostics.

Thanks for all the help!

(I’m messaging you rather than posting to the thread because I checked the “solution” box on your last post and then after that I was not able to post a reply in that thread).