Updated Radio Paradise

@Radio_curators I appreciate it is not critical, but would it be possible to update the ident for the Radio Paradise radio stations to their new logo?

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Little bit of photoshop and they are updated.
Take a look and let me know if I missed anything.


Great - many thanks

We got new logos directly from Radio Paradise staff, we also updated station description and localisation.


Brilliant, many thanks

RP staff have decided they prefer logos with white background and have sent the replacements. I have updated them.


Now that the metadata service designed by @alec_eiffel is active on the RP stations, the …/flacm streams are no longer required, and, being somewhat unstable, have been removed. The …/flac streams are fine.

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The metadata for me is not updating or refreshing with a new song.

Anyone else have this trouble, suggestions?


Check that your core is running the latest version

I’m having the same problem, running early access. The Mellow Mix sometimes shows the same info for several songs, or shows nothing at all for a song when I first select the station. Seems a bit hit-and-miss. Other stations seemed fine in the brief time I tried them.
I’ve already rebooted the system but haven’t seen an improvement. Odd that it seems to only affect RP here.


EDIT: Scratch that - I’ve got BBC Radio 2 on now and the metadata on that is intermittent too.

Mine is refreshing but it takes a bit into the new song for it to update. (Rock Mix).
Will check the other streams.

Another note is that I am using the FLAC stream, reported as lossless on the signal path.
All the ACC streams are reporting as “lossy” in the signal path.

Edit: The streams seem to refresh after 30-45 seconds for me. Except the Global stream does not show metadata for the tracks playing, at least for me.

You’re right, Live Radio metadata is still buggy despite the recent update… Not RP related, it’s a general Roon issue No metadata on streaming radio stations [Fixed with Roon update] - #20 by alec_eiffel

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Thanks for the link, @alec_eiffel. I’d missed that thread.


This one was my mistake sorry. I had changed the name from" World Etc." to “Global Mix” and forgot to flip a switch somewhere… This is now fixed!


yep, looks like it is working now. Thanks.

I am using main mix FLAC stream and data rarely updates - sometimes every 5 or so songs, sometimes it just freezes on one song and doesn’t update.

Unfortunately Roon has been buggy for some weeks see Updated Radio Paradise - #12 by alec_eiffel
All stations are affected,
Workaround: temporarily disable your streaming service

Mine is working again tonight for Main Mix. Nothing else changed. Hope its stable for everyone.

Radio Paradise as well as JB Radio-2 are still not updating reliably for me. Sometimes 2-3 tracks behind the stream. Very disappointing…

Indeed. It’s a bug, @noris reported there is an open ticket for it.