USB SSD disappeard after February 25th

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC 8i3. 16GB RAM, 120GB M2 SSD for database, Samsung EVO 860 SSD connected via USB for music.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google Nest routers
Ethernet connection to ROCK
TP-Link unmanaged switches

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Can’t remember exactly, missing about 2000 albums

Description of Issue

I believe, after latest Roon update, the NUC won’t recognise the USB SSD. Checked the SSD on another PC, and the disc shows up as it should. The SSD isn’t corrupted.
If I try to edit the path to the SSD, only adding a network drive comes up as an alternative.
I’ve rebooted ROCK, both soft and hard, and changed the physical USB input for the SSD with no success.

How do I proceed?

Is it NTFS formatted?

Yes, it is. Thanks for the response.

It has been a rather frequent issue recently that RoonOS refused to mount NTFS drives, usually because they carried an “uncleanly removed” flag.

In short, try running a CHKDSK /f for the disk in an admin command prompt on Windows.

Details in this thread, for instance:

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Thanks! That could very well be the problem. I was a bit impatient and thought I could update the BIOS and see if that helped, rendering the OS disc unbootable and Roon recovery via USB stick couldn’t recover it due to a partition table error. I ran live Ubuntu, formatted and repartitioned the disc, installed the latest ROCK build and installed a backup from the 25th of February. A new problem occurred, the backup was too old for the Roon build, I think. Kind of hard to desipher the error message when it disappears out of the screen.

So, a new problem has emerged. Hopefully there’s a workaround.

Edit 1:
I could see the error message on my tablet. Roughly translated:
“This version of Roon isn’t compatible with your database. Usually it means that Roon was downgraded due to an installation of a version that changed the database format.”

Edit 2:
Found a possible solution here.

I believe the downloaded ROCK version is too old.

Yes the Roon Server in the downloaded ROCK image is not up to date. Currently this leads to the remote crashing when remotes are current. In this case, initiating the ROCK update from the remote is not possible.

To trigger the ROCK update in this case, go to http://rock admin page in a browser and click the Reinstall button for Operating System. This should then also update the Roon Server version to the current build 1223

Roon is informed and working on fixing this

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Thanks a lot @Suedkiez!

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