Variable volume no longer available

@support: Hello I am using roon with synology disc station and a Naim ND5 SX25 streamer. I was always able to control the volume flexible with the roon software. I change in the roon settings from fixed to variable volume.

Yesterday i had to restart the naim NDS X5 and also the Router. Afterwards the system was working but roon allows only fixed volume. I changed the settings to variable volume (in Germany "Gerätelautstärke) but nevertheless only fixed volume is possible. (pls see picture)

Any ideas what could be wrong or has to be changed. Additionally i restarted roon server but no chance to get variable volume.

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I moved this to the #support section of the forum.

Try rebooting your core.

I rebooted the core (not the NAS) but it did not work. Volume is after rebooting also fixed.

Please try to give more information about your setup as described in this post:

@support: as desiribed but i will try to give more information:

a) Used Streamer: Naim ND5 SX2
b) Ethernet Connection / Use of Cisco Switches (CAT5)
c) Fritzbox 7490
d) Synology Rack Station 818+ (16 GB RAM, SSD Disk for OS)

On Saturday roon could not connect to the Naim Streamer. For this resaon i took the streamer one minute from the power supply and rebooted the Fritz Box Router. After this the Naim Streamer could be connected with roon. Unfortunately afterwards it was not possible to put the volume variable volume (see screenshot in my former posting). Now i did a reboot of the roon core but it was not possible afterwards to put the volume flexible (Gerätesteuerung)

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