Volume Changing By Itself

I’d like to pipe in and say that I periodically experience the same behavior. However, I don’t have a Devialet. Additionally, I’ve had the volume pot itself down as well. I use a MacBook for my core.

Well, that puts a different slant on things. Before I had Roon, I had problems with the volume fluctuating on its own. Obviously a Devialet fault. After I had Roon, I had the same problem, which I naturally put down to Devialet.
Now @Asher_Kent has said he is having volume problems, but doesn’t use Devialet.
This makes it difficult to point a finger at the offender. :thinking:

Hi @Asher_Kent,

I have split up your posts into it’s own thread so that we can take a closer look at the issue here. Can you please use this thread as a guide and let me know some more info regarding your system?

Some useful info here would be (but is not limited to):

  • Operating System Version + Roon Version in Use
  • DAC model/manufacturer
  • How the DAC is connected to the Core (Via Ethernet/WiFi/USB/HDMI?)
  • How often you have seen this issue (Once a month, once a week?)
  • What type of drivers the zone you are using (ASIO/WASAPI/Roon Ready?)
  • The exact time and date in your country that you next experience this behavior (e.g. 11:34AM on 4/17/19)


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