What is going on with Genres?

Every time something changes, like re-tagging some files to make a genre disappear, the whole Genres page changes. Genres that had images before no longer have images, new genres appear, images of many genres change. No matter what I do, the genres page gets messed up. Just now the image for the “pop rock” genre disappeared so it was just a blank square. I clicked on it and it took me to the “Pop Rock” genre page and under “Your Artists” it only shows one artist even though the listed albums are all from different Artists.

I know this is incorrect, so I click on the “more” button and it brings me to a page where “Pop Rock” was focused on and it shows 76 Artists in that genre, the same “Pop Rock” genre that listed only one Artists on the previous page.

Now, while writing this, an image appeared for the Pop Rock genre. I didn’t do or change anything, it just changed.

and the genre page that was nearly empty before now has multiple artists listed

Is this something on my end or is Roon doing something in the background that is causing this?

Not trying to bug or pester you guys, I am just trying to keep track of everything going on. All of my support threads have to do with the genres page and missing images, added genres that are not mine, liking artists in my library that are not in my library, and misidentifying or adding credits for an album, which then causes a genre associated with that person to show up when I don’t have that artist or any of their albums in my library, listening history searches, Qobuz, Radio Stations, etc… This whole section is messed up on my end. What is going on and how do I fix this?

I’ve been seeing people comlain about Empty Genre, and no matter how hard I try I have not found an empty Genre, until now. What’s odd is it really is in use, what I did was to goto the My Albums page, Focus on Genre, select View More and then sorted Alphabetically and scrolled down to my empty Genre and it listed (1) item, clicking it my missing album shows up, and it has the Genre in the Genre’s listing, but if I go back to the My Genre’s view, it’s always missing.

So Yes, something is definitely wrong with the Genre View, it looks as though the data in the Focus selectors is more accurate.

Yeah something is really screwed up. And thanks for responding to this. It helps to know if this is a Roon thing or only specific to my library. It seems like there is just a combinations of a whole bunch of little errors that combine to just make it a mess. I have made like four new support threads, each for a different issue. Hopefully support team figures this out soon as this is much more than a cosmetic issue

Can anyone from @support or @mike tell me if they have seen all of the support issues I have submitted in relation to Genres page. Last night I had gotten every Genre to have an artist image. I opened Roon a little while ago, and the page has changed. There are new blank tiles, some of which had images last night, other were Genres I had gotten rid of by untagging my songs with them but they show up at the bottom of the Genres page, but they are empty when I click on them. I just need to know if all these issues are only happening to me and are maybe related to the crash that I had the other day where Roon completely froze and I had to reinstall it? I posted about it including the logs. Should I wipe my Roon database and reinstall the OS and do a fresh import of all my music files? I am thinking this is my next move

The genres in version 1.8 need repair. The genre matching in setup will reveal genres in Roon that never appear when the genres list is displayed for playing. Where are the missing genres? It’s broken compared to the previous version.

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I have done a complete ease of Roon OS on my nucleus and a fresh new install. I put my files in Roon and they scanned as normal. When that was all done I went to the Genres Page and they were perfect!, The only problem is that there was only like 12 of them. For Roon, all rock music, metal, alternative, indie, … is all under the “Pop/Rock” top level genre. As soon as I set it to use my files genres is when all hell breaks loose. Almost every genre on my files gets turned into a top level genre, even when it exactly matches a genre that is a level or two down. So now I have hundreds of top level genres that have no definitions or images and causes Genres to get messed up. If I turn off the option to use my file’s genres I don’t have any issues except for the forced Children’s, Comedy/Spoken genres that always appear. What is going on with all of this?

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