What is the best tablet for use with Roon?

My Samsung Tab A (10.1") that I had been using as the remote for the kitchen just died. I liked the Tab A because it has magnets on the back, and I could stick it on the refrigerator.
What is the best tablet for use with Roon? I would use it for nothing else - just Roon.


I prefer Apple ipad.


I use the Tab A small version and an iPad mini

Not much to pick, probably the iPad wins

If all melted I would go iPad Pro 12.9 if it’s a dedicated control tablet, ie bit big to lug around


The latest generation of Amazon Fire Tablet - inexpensive, runs Roons and works great!

While they run Amazon’s own version of Android, the tablets are Android based and not Apple iOS based, hence their low price :laughing:

I use Samsung Tab S2 works great and good size screen.

Don’t have a dedicated controller yet yet but thinking about getting the Samsung TAB S6 that just came out. I’ve been using my wife’s IPAD Pro (when she’s not using it), my Note 9 phone or the Desktop. If I chose to go with IPAD then my wife gets a new one so I can have her old one. If I go with the Tablet then I get a new one.

Edit: Are there minimum requirements for ram or storage on the Control devices? I don’t recall seeing anything about that. Both IPAD and Tablets have options and wondering if the lowest priced of either one would be good enough.

I’ve got a new Fire HD8, which for the £55 I paid for it is OK. It’s got a 16:10 ratio screen though so you only get two rows of albums on it, and the text is small. As I say, fine given what I paid but you can do better.

I’m happy with my iPad, it does a good job with Roon and makes me feel smug and superior. Though the top models are expensive, they have recently introduced new models which seem to be very good and aren’t silly money. And there’s probably some good deals on second hand ones from apple fans upgrading.

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I’m confused: this topic/discussion is posted in the “Roon Software - Android” section and yet all the Apple lovers keep posting about how great the iPad is. Did you every for even a moment think that some people actually prefer Android over Apple?

As I stated earlier the Amazon Fire tablets work GREAT as Roon controllers and they cost way, way less than any iPad.

And yes, I have both a Fire tablet and an iPad Air - and both work great as Roon controllers.


Apple ipad every time. I think the sales of tablets in the android space is all the evidence you need. Apple won this round and the result of that is more people will prefer them and therefore more people will recommend them.

Furthermore the OP did not specify it has to be android.

Yes Apple does out sell all the contenders but that’s just the power of marketing and the fact that they are excellent devices. And I completely agree that any iPad is way better than any Android tablet but… (you knew there was a “but” coming) for Roon control the Amazon Fire tablets can’t be beat for the money, plus they even run Showbox, something Apple’s walled system doesn’t allow.

I started with an iPad as Sonos was only available on that outside of its own controller.

I can tell you the worst is the iPad pro 11 which only works in landscape.

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I’ve found the Samsung Tab-As to be an excellent price/performance tablet for a number of remote functions (Roon, HEOS, Kindle, Blink etc.). TBH primarily it’s this or my phone for purely remote operations.

As for Apple, well yeah it works fine, but you’re paying a very high premium for:
1 - Not needing that just for a decent remote.
2 - The logo…


I couldn’t agree with you more. I decided to replace my old, dead Tab A with another, and see it has been improved over the original model. It is charging now.
Thank you all for your thoughts. I don’t own any Apple products and have no intention of doing so now.


I was on my way to upgrade from Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 to S6, but Pie (Android 9) was just released on the S3 and boy what a change to the better regarding speed/lagging. Feels like one processor generation upgrade so if you have one or can get your hands on a used one, go for it. Especially prefer the 4:3 screen ratio over the 16:10 on later Galaxy Tabs, with regards to Roon/Drawing (the pen is great!)/e-book reading and more…

There is a fundamental difference between iOS and Android Devices when it comes to Audio.

  • iOS devices are able to send audio streams to the lightning connector in unmodified form, even DSD. This means you can attach a USB DAC directly to an iPad or iPhone and use the iOS device as a very high quality battery powered Roon Endpoint
  • Android devices can only stream from the Roon app to the device itself, not to the USB OTG port. Streaming out to the USB OTG port requires a special player (UAPPro) that streams directly to the hardware, going around the Android Audio Stack.
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Currently. The Android stack is being redeveloped so may go like iOS soon.

I second the commendations for the latest Amazon Fire tablets. The 10-inch is great for Roon. Instructions and apps are easily found in the internet to hide the stock Amazon interface and make it look and run like a normal Android tablet. And you certainly can’t beat the price.

Does this inter-operate with Roon?