What's coming in Roon OS 2.0 (not Roon 2.0, but Roon OS 2.0)?

Only request is to see current memory use on the splash screen.

Please clarify which regulation you are speaking about. There are many exceptions to the various power ecodesign regulations in the EU, and the NUC+ROCK and Nucleus fall under many. For ROCK, an example would be that because it is software, it is not regulated. For Nucleus, it is exempted because it is not a single functional unit. There are many others as well. If you are talking about a different regulation, I’d like to know which one.

Anyway, if you want to power it off, there is an API to do so, and the Nucleus will listen for WoL packets.

The link you provide is the rules I was referring to… so if Nucleus is exempted from the rules I stand corrected.
I still think you can do a bit more when it comes to automatic power management.

Of course, UEFI support, for compatibility and ease of installation.

It would be great for Roon OS to interface with any thermal monitoring tools the hardware makes available and display temperatures on the Web interface page.

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I’d love to have the UI on HDMI.
It it would also work on some kind of touch display this would be perfect.

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Free disk space on attached USB drives


Yes, i just realised another thing with external AND internal storage, and that is ROCK reporting a “combined used/available space” over SMB. So if my internal drive is 4Tb/15Gb free and the external is 4TB/2tb free the report will be 8Tb/2.015Tb available.
Of course, in this scenario you cant add 100Gb of music to the internal drive, even though SMB will report you have more than 2Tb free

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Non-NUC Roon OS please! Pretty please :slight_smile: :pray:

EDIT : Oh damn, I just realised that is on the ‘no’ list. :flushed:

See the MOCK thread.

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Okay, here it comes (again?):
Power saving features. (Yes i know this most likely needs Roon Core changes as well)
Primarily i’d like to see both internal and external storage disks go into idle mode more easily, but icing on the cake would be the option to “sleep” the ROCK and let the UI send an automated WOL if the server is unresponsive.
So perhaps a choice to the user for Sleep mode or Idle mode, the previous takes a few seconds to recover from where the latter basically only idles the drives after, say 5 minutes, of inactivity.

If it hasn’t already been suggested, please add the proper “Eject” code for any/all USB device(s) connected to a NUC or Nucleus to avoid directory corruption from yanking these devices out (web interface).

There are many reasons to disconnect external USB devices, and having a way to unmount the drive properly is much needed. Thanks.


The ability to run Docker containers would seem like an obvious feature.

Although I can also understand not wanting to have the support burden of users installing random 3rd party packages on Roon OS :wink:

It would however open up to possibly of users being able to run 3rd party extensions and scripts on their ROCK/Nucleus without having to bring another device onto the network to achieve that.

In addition to remote & device control extensions. It would allow users to integrate 3rd party services that Roon doesn’t directly support ie. background Podcast / Mixcloud downloading.

An edge case maybe, but allowing Docker containers on Roon OS would allow a locally attached USB CD drive to also act as a playback source. Admittedly that might conflict with how the CD ripper functionality currently works and be better handled within Roon itself with regard to user experience. But given that allowing analog sources into Roon (CD players / turntables) problay isn’t high on the development roadmap it’s a useable workaround.

In fact allowing the wider use of 3rd party extensions within Roon OS/Docker might help guide what features would be better integrated into Roon itself in the long term and which are simply edge cases, used only by a handful of users.

+1(billion) for an easy way to move from a smaller to a bigger drive locally
i.e. I currently have an internal 2Tb SSD but want to swap for a 4Tb SSD. I’d love to be able to put the 4Tb in a caddy, plug it in to my Nucleus+ USB (or ROCK/NUC for others), click a button to ‘clone’ EVERYTHING (so all music AND the Roon meta-data) in one go, then shutdown/open/swap in new drive/start up & have it just work, but with more space! :wink: [& of course I’d be happy for Roon not to be functioning during this process, say, letting it run overnight(s)]

Scheduled sleep mode would be a big plus for me. No point in it being on if I’m sleeping.
It’s also why I haven’t moved from Roon on Windows.

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Not sure if ths is unique to RoonOS but here goes… Most days the fan on my NUC (running ROCK) kicks into high gear around 9:30am ET. Most times, no one is using Roon at that time nor are the backups scheduled for that time, so I assume my NUC is contacting the Roon mothership to look for metadata updates, etc. It would be great if I could actually schedule that to happen during the middle of the night so that the somewhat loud NUC fan is not so disturbing.

Any insight on this is greatly appreciated.

Not sure if this would be an addition to Roon or Roon OS but could a simple mechanism for sending logs be built in to the Web UI.
i.e. click a button and a window appears that lets you select the required logs to send to Roon for de-bugging purposes.

I think Stereophile likes the Nucleus+ a lot, they’ve included it in the recomended components list under A+ and in good company it is:

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Hi @danny – is there a possibility Roon OS could be made to control the volume of an HDMI-connected AVR?