What's coming in Roon OS 2.0 (not Roon 2.0, but Roon OS 2.0)?

Huh? What’s breaking on power outages? I’ve only heard about power spikes killing hardware.

I can look into NUT but I believe it can already call the power off API.

I don’t know? Roon Labs never shared that knowledge? There are just quite a few threads of Nucleus users starting with “After a power outage …” that usually need to be resolved by turning in the unit for repair/replacement. Did you guys ever analyze the reason (what was broken/failed) on these units?

Some of my thoughts I summarized in this post:

PS: It is very likely for power spikes to occur when power returns after an outage. I thought that this is common knowledge but possibly miss-judged the situation.

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I had some power issues at home that eventually lead to the corruption of my boot drive on my Nucleus+ which lead to me investing in a UPS, but can’t connect the UPS USB to the N+ to let it know the power has gone & that it needs to shut down so am definitely ‘plus 1’ on the above feature request…
(& I’m in the UK so worried we might start to have power issues over the winter now :wink: )

Adding in something like apcupsd has been suggested (a linux utility which allows it to talk with APC UPS and get a shut down based on power settings).

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NUT support would give you more options than apcupsd.

My APC UPS is already putting those messages out on my LAN, through one of my Netgear ReadyNAS units. The other ReadyNAS units are listening on the opened port and will undertaken a graceful shutdown if/when battery power is insufficient to continue.

It would be great to have this extend to ROCK for the Roon Core.

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If there is an alpha/beta/trial of Roon OS 2.0 / ROCK that supports UEFI put me on the list :slight_smile:
I would love to try Roon OS 2.0 / ROCK on my Zotac which dropped support for BIOS/CMOS.



Apologies should this question already be answered elsewhere, but anyway, I didn’t find it. Is there a high-level timeline for the release of Roon OS 2.0 for Rock, with UEFI bios support?

Hi @Kris_Panneels,

In short no. Roon’s policy is not to share their internal development schedule.

Assuming they follow a similar model to what they did with Roon 2.0, the first time users will find out about it is when the release-candidate is made available to an “Early Access” group for pre-release testing.

Until then, it’s watch this space.

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Only just saw this…

Power spikes I agree are bad news , but power outages are prone to spikes when they come back on. We are getting 2-3 outages daily , they scare the willies out of me

It’s not unknown for the planned outage to end and then something breaks down due to the switch back. My UPS is an expensive “fuse”

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I do believe whole house surge protectors exist. That should help put your mind to ease.

holy moly! you need some batteries and solar!

I think that house surge protectors are for much higher voltages, not for overvoltages of 10 to 20%. And overvoltages of 10 to 20% are already dangerous for a lot of electronic gear. So I don’t think house surge protectors will help here much. An UPS will help normally, as it will flatten out those overvoltages.

I believe surge protectors are predominantly for things like lightening surges , increases of Micro(nano) seconds . We use a “rapid trip” plug for all sensitive equipment even as far as washing machines fridges etc just to alleviate this.

However depending on a UPS to absorb spikes is an expensive way to protect equipment. The UPS has a surge plug too !!

During our frequent summer lightening storms the answer is to unplug until the lightening passes. Some years back I lost a lot of kit when my neighbours palm tree took a direct hit and spiked back down out then ADSL phone line . so I am super cautious these days.

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UEFI boot option now available.



I am going to install this on my NUC 11 tonight! Right now it has Ubuntu on it with Roon server…looking fwd to finally ROCKing…


Roon told me there was an update waiting to be downloaded to my Nucleus+ - I assume this is build 254 - but when I click to install it seems as though it is installing but when the Roon screen returns the Nucleus+ is still on build 227. I’ve tried several times. The Roon software is 1148.

Did you try rebooting the Nucleus?

We’ll I thought I had, but I don’t think rebooting via the web inter face was working either. Unplugging and re plugging did the trick! Thanks very much for your help.


Just an update - it’s working. Piece of cake. One thing I learned, is do the ROCK install, Copy your music to the internal storage (if that’s what you will use) , and THEN restore from backup…everything is exactly as it was… seems to work great - time will tell. Happy to be on ROCK - much simpler (for me at least)

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