What's the best under $100 investment you've made in Hifi

I just got a little usb → toslink/spdif device “Douk Audio”, its built on a XMOS XU208**, so I can connect my Mac via USB->Coax to an ageing audiolab DAC at 24/192 instead of its native 24/96 (via USB) and it cost $40.

Couldn’t be happier with the results, and it made me wonder what other “bargains” exist in Hifi that others have come across.

Pi as a streamer is also top on this list vs an expensive streamer but it does require a modicum of know how, this device was simply plug/play.

** This is the same usb chip used in the latest/greatest DAC’s.

Without question, three Raspberry Pi 4’s running RoPieeeXL.


A full length mirror to locate the first reflection points in my room.



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Does it have to be full length? I have seen that guide, keep meaning to actually give it a go.

Totally. Everyone should do room correction, guess it can be a little intimidating.

No, a small mirror will do nicely if you have someone willing to stand against your side walls holding a mirror while you bark instructions “forward” and “back” :rofl: My wife quickly lost patience with my nonsense, thus a mirror I could slide across the wall and see from my listening chairs.


Up until now I got a Grimm rca/rca cable going from my DAC to my amp… €63,- and it was just shocking… I know cables can be considered snake oil but this made a lot of difference!
And I’m also looking into room correction. Bit hard to find good info on correction.

750ml Wild Turkey 101.

(In younger days the answer would have been a lot different.)


Chromecast Audio - Using as a roon endpoint in to my chord mojo.

I am actually considering a Poly now so I can have more portability.


I don’t agree with everything but Magnus has done a great guide which is how I started

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I bought 7 CDs (with music, of course!)


But seriously, probably the ~$100 I spent refurbing a pair of original Large Advents for a bonus room setup.

Schiit Audio Modi 3 DAC ($99) and Magni 3 amp ($99), for my desktop system.

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Raspberry Pi 4 and AudioQuest JitterBug.

Balanced Oidio pentacon cable for my Hifiman Sundara’s. Just over the limit, but worth more than that. Look amazing as well


dbPoweramp to rip all my CDs. :+1:


A green marker to color CD edges (back in the days when I listened to CDs).

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