Where are the images for remote displays

I posted this in the Build 880 gripe (sorry, feedback) thread but I thought it would get buried. So, the Roon now playing screen looks like this:

Looks good and shows an artist image.

The remote display (Chrome, Edge, Chromecast) looks like this:

No artist image. Just the album cover and a blurred background. However, sometimes there are artist images and I can’t figure out why. Does it have something to do with Valence? I’m hoping someone from Roon can tell me where the images come from, why the displays are different and how to fix it. Thanks.

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same issue

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Same Issue

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Same issue + does not cycle thru gallery art work on remote

Appears that 880 has turned off the artist photo selection on the Now Playing display. Restoring that selection seems to restored the first artist photo for each artist, but not any others. I may have up to 10 photos for an artist. It is not rotating thru the “gallery” on my iPad remote.

Also, using Chromecast, none of the artist photo are displayed on the TV. Instead it’s a blurred graphic of the album cover. The album cover, song title and artist name and Roon logo all are “cast” as they should be.

See this thread also, Roon is investigating it already.

Hi Gerard, did you ever resolve the problem of artist photos not being displayed/rotated in Chromecast Now Playing window?


As that thread referred to points out, the issue is under investigation. This post from @mike in that thread gives further information…

Hi Bruce,

No, still same issue. But very unpredictable. Sometimes artist images show on Chromecast, sometimes not, even if they are displayed correctly on the iPad.

Thx. So Roon believes the changes being made via AD are affecting ALL photos in my library regardless of whether they were sourced from Roon or not?

Is this sorted yet?,got my subscription soon. Is it worth calling it a day?

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