Where is Roon support?

Updating to Roon 2.0 was not flawless for me and lot of searching, trying and with help of the community I’ve got it working. But now I can’t manage my library anymore in a normal way :frowning:

I’ve created a help topic but I’ve got no response :frowning:

I love Roon, the interface, the information, the usability. That the IOS apps sometimes crash… ok, easy to restart. But updating the core is a real frustration. After problems with updating to 1.8 I hoped the update to 2.0 would be better but I’ve read different things… I managed to do it but unfortunately I can’t manage my database anymore for a month now. iTunes wasn’t perfect but it didn’t make me feel like an administrator.

I’ve followed the recommendations from Roon and bought a QNAP NAS for my music but I think that I’ve had better off with a NUC to have a more trouble free system…

Please don’t make Roon a love and hate application.