Who has a turntable in their setup?


The wooden bits have now moved to a new house and the stand adapted for a Gyrodec with Audiomods tonearm. What a brilliant combination. Wonderful, to my poor old ears, with the addition of the subs.


Sad way to get the T/T back but hopefully he enjoyed the loan.

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Thanks for the kind messages. As the man who instilled this passion for music in me, I was more than happy to loan it to him when his deck packed up. Now when I play a record I am reminded of him.


Lovely; is that a Stereo 60 amp? KT120 or 150s?

KT120. used as a power amp with a passive NVA pre. Jolly good it is too and the turntable is getting a lot more play whilst my nuc and ROCK is playing silly buggers…

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Totally unrelated to this topic, but I had to say that I really like your roadster.

Yes that has been a fun project if not totally green at 10 mpg. And I was, of course wrong, the tubes are 150’s

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I’ve occasionally tried my ST40 as an amp only, driven by a Gold Note DS10, but preferred the sound with the Icon’s preamp section, which provides some additional tube goodness.

Icon really deserves a higher profile.

I really like this room. It feels like a place to hang out and enjoy the time spent.

Self quotation bonanza!
As the SME V had to go, a 309 stepped in as waiting tonearm.


And how much of a compromise has it been? (As a 309 owner I’m curious to know)

Honestly, I have no idea. The SME V turned out to be counterfeit and the 309 is modified with silver wiring and direct connection between the pickup and the output DIN plug. The 309 is the aluminum arm tube version.

Really? I’m amazed over the choice of product to counterfeit! Yes, SME are expensive, but the engineering and finish is matching the price!

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Sorry to hear about the counterfeit.

I doubt it’s something you’re interested in, given the other changes you have already made, but for others that might be looking I recently had my Aluminium version serviced and that came with a Magnesium tube. I’m not sure which change had what effect (I think they also replaced the arm wire with silver as standard now) but it is much more lively and entertaining listen now.

Thanks for the tip!
I didn’t modify the tonearm, a previous owner did. I asked for an service estimate from SME describing it’s condition and it would be cheaper to by a lightly used one from the official retailer, so I’ll enjoy it as it is until I receive the serviced EPA-100mk2 I’m waiting for.

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Gosh. I resisted for 2 decades. Then finally got myself a Rega P6 / Ania / Fono MC. Listening to the same tracks from Qobuz / Roon / Yggdrasil and the TT just reminds me how much I’ve been missing. My system (Freya+ / dual Aegirs / KLH Model 5) is capable of so much more than I’ve been able to get through it. Nilsson damn Scmilsson for the win. Golly. That’s some air from a thrift store find. Still love Roon, but this is so much more enjoyable. Not even in the proper set up placement yet.


That is funny because for about the same time I resisted getting serious about Digital Music. Keeping a “good” system in my listening room with TT stax of wax.

Ripped CDs and digital stuff was spread via Sonos and the like throughout Kitchen, Living Room, Deck, Pool but not allowed in the actual listening room. About 2 years back that all changed. I’ve got a pretty decent Roon/Streamer/DAC now and I feel I may be able to sell off my table, phono stage, MC cartridge and literally a ton or more of vinyl.

Big thumbs up my man!
Join “the crew”

Resistance is futile!

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Send it all my way :innocent:


Come and get it. I’ll sell it as a lot for 50% of resale value :grinning: I’ll even help you load it up.

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