Who has a turntable in their setup?

I’ve found that wood head shells make a big difference. On one of my tables so much so that I had a friend of mine who makes tone arms and head shells make me a custom one made out of Brazilian cherry wood. At the time I needed a very light headshell to accommodate an Ikeda 9 Kiwami and it was perfect. I’m now using a Yamamoto African Blackwood with my ZYX 4D cart on that same table, so I hear you headshells can make a big difference.

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Soundsmith makes a wooden headshell.

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Whoops, I got bored for a bit, thought I might work on the Thorens…

It now has a rewired Rega R200 and 2M black. So much for cheapo daily runner :grin:


They sure do

my audio equivalent of a jacked up chevy nova …

a simple kenwood kd-2000 belt drive with the original tonearm and auto-return mechanism removed and replaced with a rega rb-330 (and audio-technica vm540ml cartridge) … some cosmetic updates still needed (ahem, plinth hole …)

compared to stock rega, this has the nice vintage look that I prefer, there’s a nice looking rubber mat instead of evil felt, the 33/45 speed can be changed with a button, the lid is held up by a spring or easily removable … and the diy tonearm mounting plate fits with the overall silver circle motif, doesn’t it?


How is this? My dealer is recommending them.

When set up and loaded correctly to your system it’s an exceptional cart, almost as good as my Air Tight and Transfiguration carts if that tells you anything.

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one last, purely cosmetic, tweak, and now I’m happy (at least, for the moment).

reminds me of a Marantz 6300, or a Thorens TD 125.


OK, so I finally got around to taking a couple pictures. (Warped Mumford & sons on the platter)

VPI HW-19 MK2, OriginLive/Rega RB-250, Hana EL, MoFi Studio Phono.
Schiit Freya+, Vidar, & Vali 2. iFi Stream & Zen Signature DAC.
Magnepan LRS+ and Grado SR-225 phones.

Should be about it for now, although I’d like to add a VPI RCM. Plus, thinking about budget endpoints, DACs, and speakers for other rooms in the house for background music.


How well do you like the Freya+? Been contemplating for my system.

So far so good. I like the way my system sounds, but I really don’t have anything to compare it to. I haven’t had a system in a long time and all the components are new to me, so making individual assessments of each unit isn’t realistic. That being said, I like the Freya+ (I’m not using the stock tubes because at the time I ordered it, Schiit was out of stock of the tubes so the options were no tubes or their solid state “tubes”). I’m using Sylvania NOS GTB.

I have a VPI 17 rcm, noisy so cannot really listen to music and clean at the same time.

The “Toyota Camry” of audio setups - reliable, predictable but not over the top.

VPI Prime 21 with a Ortofon LVB 250
Schiit components abound
Freya+ with stock tubes
Dual Aegir’s
Mani 2 phono stage
Cambridge Audio CXNv2
Klipsch Forte 3’s

While I love the Aegir in mono mode - I have had problems with both and I find they are “not equal” in terms of sound and general operation (one hum’s and the other is dead quite). Factory rebuilt one and the other they claim is fine. I’m thinking about moving onto PS Audio - but not for another year or so.


Another VPI rig. Recently added the DS Audio E-1 with corresponding phono stage. Seems that the cartridge matters as much as the TT. The Furtwangler LP on deck listen was inspired by a Twitter post.



I bought my dream turntable about 18 months ago, a Thorens TD 124. The arm is an SME M2-9R, with an Ortofon SPU Wood A moving-coil cartridge. The TT uses a Riverside Audio mains regenerator and filter, which reduces noise and runs the motor less hot. I use a Sculpture A Mini Nano step-up transformer with an Icon Audio PS2 valve phono stage. The latter has a useful mono switch which comes in handy with my mono Jazz LPs - many of which I learnt about via Roon Radio and general exploring on Roon. A Croft valve pre and vintage Quad II valve monoblocks complete the chain, feeding Klipsch Cornwall III speakers.

The LP pictured is Unity by Larry Young on Blue Note


great system. I’m an Icon and Quad owner as well. what’s the power output of the Quad II amps?

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@Salvador_Ortega What cart were you using before the DS audio?
Am curious about getting a demo of one before I buy a new mc cartridge which will be another Lyra Kleos, or possibly a umami blue or red.

The Quad II puts out about 18 Watts at 0.1% distortion. With my speakers being around 102dB sensitivity for 1 Watt, it’s more than enough to deafen me if required :laughing:

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