Who has a turntable in their setup?

The Quad II puts out about 18 Watts at 0.1% distortion. With my speakers being around 102dB sensitivity for 1 Watt, it’s more than enough to deafen me if required :laughing:

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I love my Planar P3, I have had it for about two years. I retired my 1978 BIC fully automatic six album turntable and my 1983 Hitachi semi-automatic turntable, although both are still 100% operational. The P3 is a very nice turntable, although I do miss the semi-automatic function. I did purchase a TRU-LIFT tonearm lifter for the P3.

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Two turntable dust covers. Very nice! :grinning:

Sorry about the late reply. Previous cartridge was a Grado Prestige Gold along with a Brinkmann phono preamp, their entry level which was discontinued many years ago. I was given a very good trade in allowance- basically what I paid for it. The DS Audio combo turned my Scout into a different machine.

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Replaced the broken tonarm on a Marantz TT15S1 with a Transrotor TR-800S.


Another picture


looks like a straightforward install. very nice.


Now with a Jelco TK-850S and a Ortofon Quintet Black S


Here is mine:


Wow! Your turntable looks great!

are the mounting holes the same as the original clearaudio arm, or did you have to drill new ones?

I had to drill new holes, the mounting collar of the jelco arm covers the old hole.

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Is there an easy way to get a turntable to use DSP applied in Roon?..or should I invest in the miniDSP SHD / Dirac for DSP. I also have DSP in my Lyngdorf TDAI2200 Amps, but it does not seem to sort out all the peaks per my own REW measurements.

I have BTW a TD124 (Beogram3000) / Kuzma 4Point9 rig in a 70 kg slate plinth

I use DIRAC and you can manually play with the curve. I’m surprised that yours doesn’t? I have to use the computer though as the app is crap and yes DIRAC works on all inputs of the NAD including phono.

Got a new cartridge earlier in the week. I thought I would start to run into the limits of the rest of the kit in the vinyl chain, but perhaps this cart is quite flattering with its compatibilities. This is annoying in and of itself as I am not compelled to rush out and upgrade other components. I shall have to engineer a suitable scenario to prompt such necessary action :laughing:

It’s quite a step-up in performance from my previous Hana ML cartridge and I could not be happier now the Umami Red is pretty much run-in.

Pretty, shiny thing.


@ElTel. I am waiting for my dealer to get one in (see post 818 above)to compare with the blue , a DS and the Lyra Kleos which I already have. What cartridge did you change from?


I have heard there is 6 months plus wait for them down here in Australia. I saw this come up in the classifieds on another site I frequent. The seller is well known and trusted; he has a number of high-end cartridges and is thinning-out his collection. This had under 10 hours on it and I got it for a little over half its RRP. I had intended to get the Umami Blue, thinking it would be a good option with everything else in my chain, but the serendipitous situation arose and I got it for less than the Blue would have cost me new even with a bit of discount.

Happy Tel.

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You jammy git :+1: :+1:
Not sure how much longer I have to wait for them to come in, maybe a month or more.

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What a beautiful cartridge, and it surely sounds as good as it looks. Enjoy.

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