Why can't I favorite TIDAL tracks in a playlist?

Mine has started acting in a different manner now.

  1. I go to a playlist and all of the tracks I physically possess can be selected as a favorite.
  2. none of the Tidal tracks can be shown to be favorites - if I click on them as I click they fill in but then go back to being just an outline.
  3. in my earlier post the screen shot shows that despite this the actual track in album view would have a selected favorite heart.
  4. Now when I go to the album view (screenshot below is the same album as my original post) the favorite heart is not showing up at all. The track is added to my library.
  5. To get the favorite heart to show up I have to add the whole album to the library However as soon as I move focus away from the album and go back the UI has “forgotten” I have added the library.

    even though it is in the library

    Confused! I certainly am.
    Tracks I own work perfectly the Tidal tracks just don’t play nicely with favorites.

Thanks for the detailed report. I think what you’re describing is actually a different issue, which is independent from the bug I was discussing above.

A couple points to keep in mind:

First, in Roon Favorites are tracks, albums, artists, etc in your library that you’ve marked as such. It’s a subset of your library, and will show up when you filter the various browsers to only show favorites. So, to be clear, you cannot favorite TIDAL content that’s not in your library.

We do have an issue here, which is that if you add a TIDAL track to a playlist without adding that track to your library, we shouldn’t be giving you the option to Favorite the track. That would be confusing, since it’s not going to show up when you browse your Favorite tracks.

Second, when you add TIDAL content to your library, we treat it like we would if you had the files locally. Once it’s in your library, a TIDAL album can be marked as a Favorite, you can edit the metadata, etc, and it may or may not have the album’s entire track list as it appears on TIDAL. You are in control of the albums in your library, even if the content is streaming from TIDAL.

That said, the album in your library is distinct from the version on TIDAL, which cannot be edited, and will always have the entire track list. This is a subtle distinction, but for a variety of reasons we have to treat these as distinct, and you can always navigate to the TIDAL version of an album from a variety of places in Roon (like you would need to if you had a partial album and wanted to add the missing tracks.)

Point being, if the tracks in your playlist are not from your library, you won’t be able to favorite them. These distinctions are a bit subtle, but they’re also distinct from the intermittent issues discussed above.

I get the add to library bit. My problem is with Tidal tracks and albums that I have added to my library. So if you look at the Candi Staton album I was referring to in the screenshots above it is showing as being in my library but you can see from the screen clip above despite that it isn’t showing the favourites icon even though it is in my library.
And I still can’t go to a playlist and see the favourited status of Tidal tracks that have been added to my library. So to be clear I add a Tidal track or album to my library and the favourite icon then shows and I favourite it. As far as I am aware that should make that track or album now work as if it is a local track just to the extent that I can add it to a playlist, add additional tags and favourite it, is that right?
If it is right then it isn’t behaving correctly as I can’t see that it has been favourited when I view it via a playlist. Also, I can’t see if I am changing its favourited status from a playlist as it doesn’t change status when I click on it.

Which one? The album screenshot is an album that’s not in your library – you can tell because the Focus On Similar button has been replaced by the Add to Library button.[quote=“ged_hickman1, post:27, topic:12666”]
And I still can’t go to a playlist and see the favourited status of Tidal tracks that have been added to my library.

This depends on how it got added to the playlist. If you added it from the TIDAL app, or if you added it from the TIDAL version in Roon, then the reference in the playlist will be to the album on TIDAL, not in your library.

The playlist references don’t get updated from the TIDAL version to the Roon version later, because you subsequently added it to your library.

Let me know if that makes sense @ged_hickman1

My whole point was that the Candi Staton album is in the library as it shows up in my library but instead of behaving as an added album it kept showing the “add to library” box.
Weirdly that seems to have sorted itself out but it is still not behaving correctly in playlists.

  1. Here is the Tidal album showing as added to my library and with one track favourited.
  2. but if I look at my playlist with that favourited track in it the icon isn’t showing as selected

I would like to understand @ged_hickman1 – what am I missing?

This was all done from the roon interface no adding via Tidal

Understood, but in Roon you have access to two versions of these albums:

  • The one in your library, which can be edited, could be a single track or the entire album, can be favorited, etc
  • The copy from TIDAL, which is external to your library (and to which none of the above apply)


  • If the track in your playlist comes from the former (meaning from an album that was in your library when you added it to the playlist), you should be able to favorite it.

  • If the track in your library comes from the latter, you cannot and we shouldn’t be showing you the favorite button at all (that’s a bug, which we’re going to fix)

There may be other issues here as well, which we can look into for you, but here’s an easy way to confirm: if you click the album name in the playlist, and end up on an album page that displays the Add To Library button, then you won’t be able to favorite that track, since it’s not in your library.

Let me know if I’m getting close here, or if things are not working as expected. Thanks!

OK I think that makes it clearer. So as I added individual tracks from a Tidal album and importantly only that track was added then I shouldn’t be seeing the icon at all and I’ve been chasing a bug. Thanks for sticking with me.

To be honest the Tidal in and out of library is a bit confusing - So if I just add one track from a tidal album to my library that, in effect, clones the album leaving the original tidal album and creates a new version in the library but only has the one track in it. Is that right?

It really is :frowning:

The issue is that we need to give you lots of flexibility for how you want the album to appear in your library, but we also MUST give you a way back to the original copy (in case, you didn’t add the whole album, for example).

So, in most cases these subtle distinctions are transparent for people, but they can create some occasional gotchas. I mostly add content to my library if I’m going to be listening to it, tagging or favoriting it, adding it to a playlist, etc. Then, I delete it if I really don’t like it.

Hope that helps! [quote=“ged_hickman1, post:9, topic:21240”]
To be honest the Tidal in and out of library is a bit confusing - So if I just add one track from a tidal album to my library that, in effect, clones the album leaving the original tidal album and creates a new version in the library but only has the one track in it. Is that right?

Yes, you’d have an incomplete album in your library, and you can get to the full track list on TIDAL via the album’s Other Versions button.

Well that all makes sense once the diversion of the favour bug is put aside.
All we need now is to spell favourite properly instead of this favorite nonsense and all will be well :slight_smile:
Thank you for your patience. I am still a bit overwhelmed by 1.3 to be honest. I need to get myself on your beta programme so I can accumulate gradually :slight_smile: