Why I Don't Sell Streamers

In an effort to further exploration here’s a thoughtful case to dump streaming in its entirety…

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Good, bad or indifferent, streaming is here to stay.


I listened to the video, it was more nostalgia than anything. I’m older I think that the video creator, I have a lot of fond memories of reading album covers and browsing record stores, reading music mags, but I was a teenager, or younger, with more spare time.
I recall setting a tape player up to record the Friday rock show, I loved listening to the show but now prefer the convenience of streaming.
And IMO I get great SQ with streaming, wayyyy better than those days past.


It did indeed feel like an old, before his time, codger decrying anything digital.


First, the definition of streaming as streaming from online services is incorrect. I stream my own content from my Roon server through HQPlayer to an HQPlayer NAA. That’s still streaming…

Second, streaming from services like Qobuz is a great way to explore old and new music. I would not ever give that up.

Third, I don’t think most modern popular music is that creative or unique so why would I buy an album that has maybe one good song on it and has very little chance of aging well.

Finally, I am not interested in playing physical media. Especially vinyl.

This guy is analog fan boy…


The video should probably have been titled “The streaming model is broken” as the gent decries the valid point that artists aren’t being fairly paid. He also mentions the devaluing of the listening experience, which strikes me as something that applies to some but not all people. As far as sound quality, the gent is underwhelmed by streaming, which I find hard to fathom if he were using a high-quality system. He lists SQ in three categories, with vinyl and CD quality beating streaming, citing the lack of musicality with the latter. Suum cuique.


Absolutely it seems, fair enough his opinions. Seems a bit odd if he’s an audio equipment dealer to leave a potential customer base untapped. But to each his own, or a mother always said “ everybody has one “ I think she meant opinions?
As an aside he really seemed attached to his mobile phone device as he made his YouTube video, so not completely committed to life in the dark ages :wink:

Not really. The quality of digital equipment is sky-high while the prices daily approach new lows. Not much profit margin there. Whereas with analog equipment, most of which is basically obsolete, you can charge boutique prices and antique prices, with huge profit margins.

All of these videos by dealers and manufacturers are marketing exercises, designed to fatten the bottom line of the businesses. None of them are data.


I know that you can get a topping on Amazon, I’m just saying that Music Direct, Upscale Audio, Crutchfield just to mention three have a balance of equipment that meets the needs of a wide spectrum of the target audience. I completely agree that you could only be a specialist in vinyl playback and possibly survive maybe even thrive. I could possibly play a round of golf with only a 9 iron, a Ford dealer could only have four cylinder automobile’s on the lot “ no pickup trucks here “
Plenty of uber expensive digital playback hardware for the boutique marketplace, just my crazy opinion though :wink:

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I would rather stream from my 12 year old MAC Mini, modified to run on 12 VDC, that even consider Vinyl!!! Vinyl has now become a joke when comparing the two…Roon made all of that possible!

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Sure, but then you have these pesky sensible people saying things like “bits are bits” and “why would anyone pay that insane price for such-and-such instead of this elegant and inexpensive alternative which is readily available on the online marketplace of your choice?” The sad truth is that modern manufacturing technologies and trends are pushing the price of all digital equipment towards zero, and retailers are increasingly pressed to find a way to charge the high prices they want to continue to charge.

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Not those bastards! :wink: I’m completely in agreement with you actually, there is a place and customer for the niche boutique stuff and for the Chi-Fi stuff as well. Personal case in point is that I have just purchased a Eversolo streamer (from a dealer not Amazon) after much mulling over Lumin, Auralic, Aurender. Thought I’d heard so much good about it and the relatively low price, so far I’m impressed.
Won’t be discarding my turntable or disc spinner anytime soon though!

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I can’t argue that streaming services have disrupted the music industry. It needed to be disrupted. I was tired of buying albums ‘unheard’ that turned out to be total duds. Now I can buy albums I’ve auditioned with confidence, on CD or vinyl, knowing what I’ll be getting. I can support artists I like this way.

I love streaming because it lets me explore new music from bands I’d not normally audition.

I find the sound quality quite good generally, more dependent on the mastering than the delivery mechanism.


Totally agree which is why I don’t think streaming is expensive as it saves money in the long run if you still buy physical media. Just means you don’t have to buy stuff that you don’t like.

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Streaming is insanely cheap compared to the cost of $50 for a double album these days.

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Vinyl is overpriced, and in short supply. Hence the crazy prices.

Only a die-hard vinyl aficionado buys vinyl these days.

Streaming is the way forward IMO :smiley:

Not true, there aren’t enough of those to explain the vinyl resurgence. Why people are buying (even without having a player in some cases) is pretty well documented and has been sufficiently discussed elsewhere