Why I won't be renewing Roon

I’ve been using Roon for over 4 years now and love the interface but in the last 6 months my library has been inundated by Roon adding Tidal albums that I have never listened to or even the style of music I like.

I can only assume that Roon has some sort of deal in place with Tidal to add promoted artists or albums to MY library without my permission.

If I look at my library in squeezebox there are 903 albums but in Roon there are 1109, for example the last album I added to the library was Lady by Lady about 3 months ago. Today is the first time I’ve switched it on in weeks yet there are albums added just 4 days ago.

I think Kanye West is an utter moron and would never listen to any of his music so why the hell is it in my library???

Goodbye Roon.

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Scanning your posts (with only user level access) can’t find the support thread for your problem. Were roon support unable to help?

You might want to read this thread:

AFAIK Roon has no deal in place with TIDAL to add promoted artists or albums to anyone’s library without their permission. And that would seem to be confirmed by the response from the support team in the above thread. It’s more likely that your TIDAL account has been hacked.

Nope not hacked, here’s my Tidal albums and the last album I added was Lady

I very rarely login to Tidal and those albums are just what I downloaded to my iPhone via the offline app.

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Can you look in tracks rather than albums and see if any have been added lately.

Only one in there, Tocata in D which I was using to test how low some new speakers would go and I think that was last year.

I don’t remember specifically adding it to tidal though.

I have had Tidal with my Roon since day one never itd never added anything I didn’t want. When you initially add Tidal to Roon it asks you if you would like to add it’s suggestions called Tidal Collections that’s the only time it would add anything if you did not decline that then that’s likely where they are coming from.

On first launch, Roon will ask you if you want to jump start your library with TIDAL collections. You can click the genres that interest you, and Roon will add a collection of albums from each selected genre as favorites to your TIDAL library. These albums are not stored on your hard drive, and you can always remove them later.

The minute you download Music for offline listening in the tidal app, it’s also added to My music in Tidal. And that list is synced toward your roon library. I’ve had the same issue in my roon library. Would be nice if roon could make an option to prevent this and rather let tidal live alongside your roon library without further ado.

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Thats never happened to me ever. Has something changed on the app, have to admit I don’t use it much and this has never happened when I did in the past.

But I’ve never listened to or downloaded any rap music or Kanye West etc.

Just for ■■■■■ and giggles I’ve wiped the database and set it all up from scratch.

I doubt if I will be renewing but may as well see if things start getting added without my permission again.

That was 4 years ago and I didn’t check any of the boxes as I wanted to manage my library and not have suggestions.

Not sure what’s going on for you but it’s never happened to me.

Anyone else use your Tidal login details, for the Tidal app on their phone for example? Like your partner? Kids?

If so, then any album they ‘favourite’ will show up in your Roon library too.

Aah, THAT is plain weird… Perhaps you should chabge the pwd of the tidal account, just in case someone else is using it… that seems the only logical explanation why stuff would randomly show up in roon…

Nope just me.

None of those albums are in Tidal though, they are only showing in Roon.

Change your Tidal login password to something even more ‘unique’, just in case someone else has been using your account recently (without you knowing…). Then it shouldn’t happen to you again.

This is possibly more a Tidal account issue, than Roon. You should email Tidal support and ask them why these albums have been ‘favorited’ under your Tidal account.

They might be able to confirm if you account was accessed by someone else (or if it’s something else).


Why assume the worst? Roon simply do not do this … it is your collection. I’m sure an explanation for this will be found.

Have you tried logging in and out of TIDAL from within Roon?

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Hi @Lebowski,

Roon does not add TIDAL content to your library automatically. The way Roon’s integration with TIDAL works is that we reflect your TIDAL favorites exactly as it exists in TIDAL. We do not add any additional content that is not in your TIDAL library, nor do we automatically add TIDAL content to your TIDAL library.

With that in mind, I’d like to help in trying to track down the cause of the behavior you’re seeing here.

First, I’d like to compare your Roon TIDAL library and your TIDAL favorites.

  1. In Roon, go to the Album Browser and Focus on only TIDAL content.
    • Focus > Inspector > Storage Locations > TIDAL Library
  2. Sort by Date Added, showing the most recently added albums.
  3. In TIDAL, go to your favorited albums and sort by Date Added. Compare this to Roon.
  4. In TIDAL, go to your favorited tracks and sort by Date Added. Compare this to Roon.

Can you share screenshots of the differences you’re seeing here?

As mentioned above, we’ve seen this type of behavior occur when the account was being used elsewhere without the knowledge of the primary account owner. I definitely recommend changing your TIDAL password just to be safe and seeing if this behavior continues.

Apologies for the troubles here, Chris. I can assure you that Roon does not add TIDAL content to your library automatically and we will do everything we can to make sure that we get to the bottom of what you’re seeing.

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Plus 1 regarding your assessment of Kanye West.

Nevertheless and speaking as a Roon freshman Neophyte, I should not think he’s worth life without Roon.

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Any family members who may have accessed and selected those other albums?