Why shouldn’t we have a swedish translation in Roon?

(Mikael Ollars) #1

Well, of course there should be!
I’m sure there are more takers than me on the subject!

(Rémi) #2

Go Sweden :sweden: ! (I am French but supportive)

(Fredrik H) #3

That would be great!


because scandinavians are UK oriëntated? (not Russian, not German).

(Mikael Ollars) #5

I agree most scandinavians are pretty good at english, and can manage their way through Roon in the default language.
Nevertheless, it’d be nice to have parts of the GUI of Roon in swedish :slight_smile:


Roon in Swedish? Isn’t that Spotify?


(Mike) #7

Is that a Swedish admin volunteer I hear? :wink:

(Mikael Ollars) #8

Yes, thats correct! :slight_smile:

(Klas Liesen) #9

Here is another volunteer.

(Danny Dulai) #10

(Gustav Persson) #11

I wouldn’t mind volunteering for the Swedish translation! :slight_smile: It would be in accordance with one of my new years resolutions to be more involved in stuff

(Mikael Ollars) #12

Excellent! I think we have enough volunteers to get to work!

(Danny Dulai) #13


Svenska vs Norsk… we have set internal bets already :slight_smile:

(Joachim F) #14

I will be glad to contribute to a Swedish translation. Will watch the thread for updates.

(Andreas Jansson) #15

I’ll try to pitch in. Let’s do this!

(Mikael Ollars) #16

The games have begun! (First translations have been made)

(Rémi) #17

Some lessons learnt from the French translation effort, if of interest to you:

  • There are more than 1000 items to be translated, some simple, some requiring thinking and discussion.
  • I estimate the total translation time at 100-200 hours. It’s a lot of work which requires a team effort and not a “lone hero” approach.
  • Establish a core team of 3-5 persons max incl. the admin. Create a private thread for these people to discuss, arbitrate and manage scores.
  • Agree ASAP on the list of common words and fill the list in the tool
    Good luck!

Guidelines for Translators and Language Admins
(Mikael Ollars) #18

Thanks Alec! These are very good advice!

(Andreas Jansson) #19


Good to hear our work is now in progress!

Is this the right place to discuss general decisions regarding the Swedish translation? I did not find a general discussion thread within the translation tool, only comments for specific strings.

How do we treat words which are capitalized in English?

Unexpected Error = Oväntat Fel


Unexpected Error = Oväntat fel

I tend to prefer the latter, what do you think?
Go team Swedish!

(Mikael Ollars) #20

And the Swedish translation is well on its way, any further help in voting and contributing is highly appreciated!

@qdtjni & @Karl_Wikstrom och andra intressenter;
logga in med dina Roon Community-uppgifter på https://translations.roonlabs.net och klicka in dig på “Svenska”, där kan du hjälpa till och rösta på olika fraser och bidra. Vi är fem aktiva personer som diskuterar olika fraser och principer gällande översättning i en privat tråd och vi kommer inte att göra den tillgänglig för ytterligare intressenter i detta läge. Det betyder inte att ytterligare medverkan inte uppskattas, det bidrar naturligtvis oerhört mycket!

En sak kan jag säga om översättningen, och det är att det är klart knepigt!