WiFi Router Recommendations?

Not sure if I’ve commented on this thread. When using single RAAT’s I never had any real issues. However, grouping 2,3,or 4 together was a nightmare. So I finally bit the bullet and changed everything I had. Probably way over kill but even with 4 zones it never blinks.

Router is a SonicWall Tz 400. Best part is it also has 8 LAN ports so all 4 RAAT’s and the Nucleus + land there. All with static IP’s.

WiFi for everything else runs off an Araknis 310 POE switch to 5 Ruckus Wirless R720 AP’s.

I love, love, love our Asus RT-AX88U. The thing is bullet proof, fast, good security, with strong signal.

We have it in our basement storeroom with wifi available throughout 4500 sqft house.

I think your setup is EdgeRouter X - switch - Roon Core, with the WiFi access point also connected to the switch.

If you do not have the switch and direct connect the Roon Core to the EdgeRouter, only then would your setup be similar to the one my coworker failed to make it work.

Seems there are numerous routers that work well with Roon. Lots of successful setups and recommendations mentioned in this post.

I use the ASUS GT-AC5300 with 8 ports and 3 wireless bands. Centrally located in the house the single unit provides good wireless coverage all around our property. Can’t say if the performance/coverage it is better or worse than others mentioned but it works very well.

I have no switch. It’s router to AP with no switch in between. Works fine

I am currently using an Apple Time Machine router. It provides adequate wi-fi coverage but as I add more and more devices, particularly a new KEF LS50WII with hi-res streaming, I am considering upgrading my router. We have a Ubiquiti access point in an out building that works fine and I have read many good comments about their products. Of particular interest to me is the “Alien” router. It has a similar for factor as the Apple and lacks the hard drive but from what I can determine, offers a stronger coverage and faster speeds than the older Apple. Anyone have any experience good or bad with this router?

I had the amplifi mesh system (the white one) and it was clearly a step up from my time capsule. But I then upgraded to a real unifi system with three wired access points and my signal strength in the house and speeds were much better and more consistent. The amplifi was quite nice, and about 1/3 the price of the current unifi system. I live in a steel framed house that is a wifi nightmare. If I was in a traditional stick-built house, the amplifi system would have been perfectly fine for my needs, My house is two floors and is about 3500 ft^2.

Both the amplifi and the unifi systems were (and are) more trouble-free than the time capsule. Apple’s networking was great at the time, but they dropped it like so many great things (looking at you ClarisCAD and magsafe on the laptops).

The amplifi is super easy and should cover most houshold needs. The unifi is more of a building block sort of system. It’s a lot harder to figure out what you need to buy and how to piece it all together, but the results are a more industrial solution.


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Just got one of these a couple of weeks ago, and have been most impressed. Very good wi-fi coverage and 8 ethernet ports to boot.

NETGEAR Nighthawk 8-Stream AX8 Wifi 6 Router (RAX80) – AX6000.
53 device connected to my router, restart 1 time for 2 years.