Zen Mini core is slow [Not Supported]

Yep have it here too

Hey @davidh, check out my post to you yesterday – you’re not using a Roon Core that meets our minimum requirements:

Never had a problem before so it has nothing to do with the Zen mini. This also happened with a Sonictransporter I had that had plenty of juice years ago. Also bringing up the Roon Community website takes a LONG time . What’s up with that??? It takes longer than any site i visit. I’m sure others can chime in on this.

Hey @davidh, I split our conversation into a new thread since it sounds this sounds like a different issue.

It seems like you’ve been experiencing trouble with your Zen Mini for quite some time:

The symptoms you’ve been describing since September are typical of a device that doesn’t meet our minimum requirements and isn’t officially supported.

I’m afraid there’s not much else we can suggest other than using your iMac as a core instead. You can still use the Innuos as an endpoint, but you’re going to continue running into problems if you use it as a Roon Core.

No problems here, so maybe your ISP’s DNS servers are slow. Try changing your DNS to Cloudflare and

They are not.

The problem with the Zen Mini was never there a couple of years ago. Roon is simply not listening to what I have to say . I have to assume they had a dust up with Innuos with their upcoming 2.0 software.

I was commenting on your web browser experience not Roon and offering a possible explanation and some help.

Regarding the Zen Mini, this does not meet the minimum requirements. I used to run my library on a similarly specified machine; it was fine a couple of years ago, but couldn’t cope with my library today, so I bought a NUC and run ROCK.

I hear ya, David – you’re experiencing slowness on your Zen Mini and believe that it’s because of a problem with Roon. I’m a bit confused, though, since you previously concluded that your Zen Mini was the culprit.

Your Zen Mini has an Intel Pentium processor, 4GB of RAM, and a spinning boot drive. That might work for extremely small collections, but it’s going to choke on anything sizable. How large is your library?

53,000 tracks

Tell you what, I’m going to test my imac which is very fast and let you know. I will run Roon Core on it.

Lets see what happens.

Thanks for letting me know – I’d definitely call 53k tracks sizable! That’s a nice collection that needs more umph than the Zen Mini can offer.

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