1. 7537 Forced full screen mode on Android is annoying

Anyone else find it extremely annoying that the Roon remote app forces full screen mode?

First of all: I want my navigation bar back.

Second: so far I’ve skipped five songs unintentionally, skipped part of a track twice and unwantedly navigated to a suggestion once.

Full screen mode on a tablet: not the best idea IMO.

You should post this in the support section of the forum and fill out the template. The device/model of your tablet as well as the Android version in use might be of special interest for your cases.

Before I do this, I’d like to find out if there are others who find this annoying. If not, I’ll let it go. There are thing that need fixing more.

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I don’t even have these problems with my tablet (landscape UI) with soft buttons only (Lenovo Yoga Tab3 Pro (YT3-X90F); Android 6.0.1).

Disclaimer: No, this is not a recommendation to buy this tablet. The hardware/software combo is *&#% and Lenovo won’t fix it.

Doesn’t bother me as I have Android 10 so don’t have soft buttons on screen at all. Gestures only.

Can’t say on any of my Android devices I have found this an issue.

I’m not a fan of it. I keep fast forwarding a song when all I want is my navigation bar.


Hello all.

Same problem here, full screen after last update, no more navigation bar, messed up 3 times in 5 minutes during listening, very bad modification IMHO.
How to change back this setting?

I do agree completely… It’s not useful for me.

Everyone, please describe your device: table vs phone, and make and model of hardware, and version of Android being run

Not everyone is experiencing this, so we need some assistance to figure out who/why are experiencing this

I’m not experiencing this on a Pixel 4 XL (phone) running Android 10. I see a status bar just fine.

What exactly are we talking about? :confused:

fullscreen in android means: “no bar with the time and stuff at the top, and no nav buttons at the bottom” – it’s known as immersive mode (for movies, games, photos, kiosks, etc…)

In Android 10, the nav buttons at bottom are gone (usually) due to the new gestures based UI. This means status bar is the only thing left. I’m running Android 10, so I never see the nav buttons at the bottom, but I do see the status bar for non-fullscreen (immersive mode) apps.

Using Roon on my phone, I see the top status bar, so Roon can’t possibly be “fullscreen” for me.

Samsung Tab S4
Android 9

Samsung Tab S5e Android 9.

Remote app refused to install without giving it permission to force fullscreen mode.

we have a S5e in-home for testing/dev – there is a feature on it called “screen zoom” – can you play with it?

settings -> display -> screen zoom

try turning it down

@Oliver_Pix, while we dont have an s4, you can try the same thing

Turned it down to zero. No change.

Ahh, the S5e that has the screen resolution detection problem (with Roon)?

so, prior to 1.7.537 we used to round the scale factor to closest 0.25 when scale factor was > 2 – but we dont do that anymore… my guess is that with your scale factor, the tablet gives you a virtual resolution that is too small to display… so either the scale factor needs needs to go down or the screen needs to be bigger.

the galaxy tab s series seem to have an issue where they make the screen “large” by lowering the system DPI, thus reducing the area available for drawing content… that makes it too small for Roon’s UI. Roon tries to go ‘fullscreen’ in these cases to try to squeeze out any extra pixels it can.

my guess is that pre-537 you were rounding down and by luck getting the scale factor to something that fit your screen.

the scale factor is chosen based on system’s DPI settings. there are ways to change it, but my understanding was that this zoom feature on Samsung android was the way to do that… there is another feature called font size - can you try that?

I’m having the developer with the s5e try things now… his s5e with default settings is working fine.

also, did you try to click on the fullscreen icon to get out of fullscreen?