1.8 Build 831 mutes my iPad when using Fixed Volume [Ticket In]

This latest Roon release, is affecting/messing with the volume setting on my iPad when used as a Remote.
I don’t have the iPad enabled as an Endpoint.
I don’t use Device volume on my Endpoints as the Volume is controlled by the device, in the analogue domain.

When Roon is open, the volume setting on the iPad is muted, see Roon 1.8 (Build 831) Feedback - #123

Could you please change the setting to make Lock Screen control, with or without Volume control, as this is breaking out into the iOS ecosystem.
Or implement the Lock Screen controls as an iOS Widget and the Airplay based control you have implemented in this release.

Problem reported by many people. Here’s just one. Here’s another.

Maybe you should move this post to the thread of Build 831 feedback…

Have an issue after updating today. Home Screen integration is off. If I open Roon while a song is playing it lowers my iOS volume to off. My endpoint is fixed. Volume should not be affected. Reproducible Every time.

Yah. This is not good. Ever time I use the app it mutes my system volume. You guessed it… no calls, notifications, etc. how to roll back.

OK have home screen controls but volume is set to zero when they are fixed volume devices. This is not a good implementation. Then all my phone volumes are zero.

Think I’ll turn it off.

Turning Home Screen implementation off does nothing. As soon as the app is opened the iOS volume is reduced to zero. Every time. Try it using a Facebook video.


Yes, that’s very annoying. I’ve set all my devices to “Fixed Volume” and i never use volume control inside Roon. But now my iPad gets muted everytime i’m running Roon :frowning: Very bad implementation.

They did say this was a beta feature in iOS…

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Good god you are right, thats totally crap!

So what to do, I dont think you can just revert on iphone.

What were they thinking?

AFAIK only the lock screen control is a beta feature. I don’t have switched on this feature in the settings. There is absolutly no need for the Roon App to change the system volume to 0, if “Fixed Volume” is configured.

Lock Screen control is screwing with the volume settings on my iPad while Roon is playing music to an Endpoint, but the iPad is only being used as a Roon Remote.

All my Roon Endpoints use fixed volume settings, as the playback volume is controlled by other means, e.g. the PreAmp setting on my Amp.
When Roon Remote is open, with Lock Screen control enabled, during Playback the fixed volume is set for my iPad, however Roon is not enabled as an Endpoint and serves no part in the playback chain.

I get ths message on the iPad, despite it having no part of the playback chain or being an Endpoint itself

This implementation of Locked Screen controls, seems to be an Airplay extension and not a native iOS Widget

I don’t know how, but since the latest update, something’s wrong with my Roon Remote. It has messed up with my devices volume settings. Any idea? I use fixed volume for my setup, and Roon Remote is supposed to act as JUST A REMOTE. But seems like it has screwed up the volume setting across my devices.

Just updated my system and discovered the same issue. All my endpoints are set to “Fixed Volume” and everytime I use the Roon app my iPhone/iPad gets muted. I was hoping that after closing the app, the volume on the phone would revert to the original setting but you have to manually adjust the volume after using the Roon app.
In essence this means for endpoints set to “Fixed Volume” (even if Lock Screen Controls are disabled):

  • As soon as you start the Roon app your iOS device will be muted
  • As long as the Roon app is open, the iOS device will remain muted (there is no way to change the volume of the device when the app is open. It will always reset the volume to zero)
  • When you close the app, you have to manually adjust the volume of the iOS device to the desired level.

Very annoying. I would at least expect the Roon app to respect the iOS volume setting when the Lock Screen Controls are disabled. Ideally, there would be an option to use the Lock Screen without volume control.


Yes me too - Roon 1.8 (Build 831) Feedback - #123

Indeed. But it does not do anything, it will always jump back to zero. Ideally, there should be no volume bar at all for fixed endpoints (and the Lock Screen Controls should not overwrite the iOS volume settings for fixed endpoints).

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IPad volume is now big problem, every time Roon is opened volume is muted and message ”Volume control is fixed” is shown almost always when Roon is opened (because it reloads :confused:).

And no, new beta setting is not used!

When Fixed Volume is used we should not be syncing volume controls. We have a ticket in for this and will update everyone when we have more information on this. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Many thanks - happy to test once you have a fix available.

I really like the lock screen control on my android phone but is there a way to disable the volume control with the phone?

My DAC has fixed volume anyway and as it is when roon is playing I completely lose access to my phone’s internal volume!

Any updates on this @dylan ?