1.8 Hangs Frequently

Windows 10 core
wired ethernet everywhere
playback on Chromecast
Qobuz streaming

Upgraded all to 1.8, tried to play a single playlist, 4 of 7 songs stalled.

So sad, worst update experience in 3 years.

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Hey @Bill_Wolff,

I’m so sorry this has been your experience with Roon. Is this the latest build (880)? We’d love the opportunity to turn your experience around, or, at least improve it :nerd_face:

Would you please use this article as a guide to tell us more about your setup and experience?

Describe The Issue

  • Qobuz stream pauses
  • random occurance

Describe Your Setup

  • Core machine: Windows 10, older Dell All in One desktop, SSD, i7 proc
  • Details on your Remote(s): Chromecast for Google TV, Audioengine on remote computer, several Alexa and Google devices with screens
  • Networking details: very high speed, most devices hard wired gigabit, Verizon FIOS 900 up/900 down
  • Chromecast in Family Room feeds Anthem receiver to Golden Ear towers
  • Library details: all Qobuz, saving songs to a local library is too old fashioned

Been using Roon for 3 years now, never had playback pauses before, now they are frequent and happen on both Chromecast (low level device) and Audioengine speaker (WASAPI, has own DAC). Running test to the Audioengine at my main computer so I can look for patterns. It might be hanging when down converting (song has green dot on display)

I am a computer consultant and can help look at logs if you tell me where to peek.

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Hey @Bill_Wolff,

Thanks a bunch for the details and the willingness to work with us :nerd_face:

If I may ask two more questions:

  • if you play directly from Qobuz to your audio devices (Chromecast and Audioengine), do you experience pauses?
  • if you play Qobuz via Roon to System Output, are there any pauses?

I switched to the Qobuz App on Windows 11 and am casting that to Chromecast, no errors, and a better sound quality. It does not downgrade as much.

I will test the system output later today.

I had to stop using Roon this morning, the dropouts and reconnects to the core are happening every few minutes.

Too bad, 3 years of use and now I have to stop Roon.


Thank you @Bill_Wolff,

I appreciate the swift update.

I’ll keep an eye out for your next reply.

Ran for an hour this morning using System output on the Roon core machine. No errors.

Then I tested a Roon remote on another computer and that is working better.

Right now I am streaming from Qobuz through Roon to a Chromecast and there are no stutters or stops.

When I had the problem reported above, memory use for the Roon app on Windows was over 8 Gb with associated high processor usage. Since then, there have been 2-3 Roon updates. Now the same configuration is running at 1.4 Gb RAM and less than 20% CPU. Did your developers correct a memory leak of some sort?

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Hey @Bill_Wolff,

Thank you for following up on your post :nerd_face: . I was happy to see it, even if only today after returning to the office.

There are a host of improvements and new features with mostly every release. They are all listed in our software release notes:

I’m very glad things are working well for you now :blush:

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