After switching storage locations Roon scans my library from the beginning each time

Hello. I’ve been a Roon user for about 4 years and still can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong with my storage/library. I’m using my PC as the core and have 1 internal drive and also ESATA storage attached.

I’m also trying to get my Netgear NAS working with Roon but that’s another story.

My question(s)

If I’m using my internal storage/ESATA and the entire library is imported (34000 albums) and I decide I want to try using my NAS which has the same music on it but different drive letter etc… I’m thinking I should disable the internal/ESATA - enable the NAS share in Roon and let it import. So, say the NAS finishes(that’s my other problem) and I want to go back to my already scanned library(internal/ESATA) I should disable the NAS and enable the internal - right?

Everytime I do that Roon scans my library from the beginning - obviously it takes a few hours.
Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way Roon works?

I thought at one point Roon didn’t do this when disconnected (already imported) storage was re-enabled?

Thanks for any help/suggestions in advance

Yes, it will do that all the time, because Roon can’t know what you might have done to the files (delete, modify, add) in a storage location while it was disabled.

Ouch. IIRC when I started Roonserver in the past and my ESATA was turned off, when I would turn it on yes it would scan through the 400000 songs in just 1-2 minutes - now it’s acting like it never saw the music. I haven’t experienced this in the past.

Roon has to check at least the timestamps on every file I guess. If the file is unchanged and already in the database, no further action should follow.
Are you sure that Roon completely analyzes the complete library every time? Did you eventually clean up the library in between?

Hi, thanks for the help. Yes, it was finished analyzing and I don’t do background analysis etc. No, I didn’t clean the library because I thought that might wipe out the NAS library and rescan that it all over again when I switch to it. Should I clean?
Thanks :wink:

Roon Server installation on to ReadyNAS 524X

Roon SoftwareLinux

Hi Danny, thanks for the link but what I meant is trying to get Roonserver to fully read my Netgear 426 library using my PC core - not run roon on it. I posted about this the other day but haven’t had much success with support figuring out the problem.

Ah, sorry I misunderstood.

This is also my understanding of the matter.

And therefore, no.

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