Airplay 2 Broken

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Since I upgraded my NUC ROCK core to the latest version, Roon will no longer work with Airplay2. I can see the devices in my Zones but after enabling and clicking the play button, nothing happens. Progress bar does not move. I can use Airplay with no problem using any of several iOS apps including TuneIn but no joy in Roon. It has been working flawlessly up until now.

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Moving this to the #support area for you. Assume you have upgraded the Core to 1.6.401 release. But have you also updated the ROCK OS to V176?

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You need to look on the web GUI to see the Roon Core OS version

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Hi @Jim_White1,

Can you please try rebooting your ROCK Core, your network and your Airplay zones?
What exactly are your airplay zones that are affected by this issue? Please list model/manufacturer.


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AirPlay 2 is now supported??

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This is what I get in my browser when I enter the URL shown is settings.

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Hi Noris,
I had to ungroup the two zones, reboot everything, and then relink the two zones. For now it appears to have fixed the problem. The Kitchen is a Sonos One, the Vault is a Bluesound Vault 2i. The Vault was the one failing to work.

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We haven’t made any announcements about Airplay 2 support in Roon. Right now, Roon does not support Airplay 2.

Airplay 2 devices should be able to play Airplay streams, and we fixed some issues related to this in the last few months.

So, to be clear, while Airplay 2 devices should work with Roon, Roon is still sending Airplay, and people shouldn’t confuse this for Airplay 2 support.

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My bad. Thanks for clearing this up.

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