Airplay 2 Broken

Since I upgraded my NUC ROCK core to the latest version, Roon will no longer work with Airplay2. I can see the devices in my Zones but after enabling and clicking the play button, nothing happens. Progress bar does not move. I can use Airplay with no problem using any of several iOS apps including TuneIn but no joy in Roon. It has been working flawlessly up until now.

Moving this to the #support area for you. Assume you have upgraded the Core to 1.6.401 release. But have you also updated the ROCK OS to V176?

You need to look on the web GUI to see the Roon Core OS version

Hi @Jim_White1,

Can you please try rebooting your ROCK Core, your network and your Airplay zones?
What exactly are your airplay zones that are affected by this issue? Please list model/manufacturer.


AirPlay 2 is now supported??

This is what I get in my browser when I enter the URL shown is settings.

Hi Noris,
I had to ungroup the two zones, reboot everything, and then relink the two zones. For now it appears to have fixed the problem. The Kitchen is a Sonos One, the Vault is a Bluesound Vault 2i. The Vault was the one failing to work.

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We haven’t made any announcements about Airplay 2 support in Roon. Right now, Roon does not support Airplay 2.

Airplay 2 devices should be able to play Airplay streams, and we fixed some issues related to this in the last few months.

So, to be clear, while Airplay 2 devices should work with Roon, Roon is still sending Airplay, and people shouldn’t confuse this for Airplay 2 support.

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My bad. Thanks for clearing this up.

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