"All Recordings" & the new feature "Only Complete recordings" don't fit

First of all: Roon is for me the most interesting and most innovative solution for managing, enjoying and hearing classical music in digital form.

A new function, called “Only Complete recordings”, was introduced in Roon 1.8; I think, it could be very useful.

BUT there are some unpleasant points:

  • The users were not informed about it.

  • This function is hided and too far away located (-> “COMPOSERS” → “COMPOSITIONS” → “ALL RECORDINGS” (only there, NOT with the view “ALBUMS”)
    → on the right-hand side of the headline a dropdown list “Recordings by…” (written in little grey letters)

  • This function is wrong adjusted (standard status is ON, instead of OFF). This has caused many troubles in the community. Because status is ON, thousands of albums will not be shown and most of the users do not know why !

  • Worst case: This feature doesn’t work correctly !
    If the function is enabled, not only incomplete works were culled, but also complete works (not “recordings”) too. The error rate is too much.
    Please, would you be so kind to eliminate this bug! It’s urgent

the result is

Here some helpful suggestions:

  • To avoid ambiguity please call this function “Only complete compositions”. The purpose is to filter out excerpts of WORKS (Compositions), not recordings !

  • Please provide this function for the category “ALBUMS” too; and not only for “All Recordings”. This important function should not disappear, in no case.

  • Please do not hide this function at the very bottom of a small dropdown. Please show this functionality clearly and on a prominent place - immediately under the headline “Albums” / “ALL RECORDINGS” or much better: at the register “compositions”

Many thanks

1.8 was a big release, but even so, this feature was given significant treatment in the release notes.

Hi joel,
thank you for your correction.
In the community this theme appears time and again. Therefore I believe my request could be helpful. Would you please so kind to forward it to the right persons.

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