Amare Musica Diamond Server as RAAT


I have just replaced my dCS network bridge to Amare Musica Diamond Server. I am using mac mini for my ROON Core, and connected all devices on the same network. The Amare server still not appear on ROON neworked device.

Please advice how to setup in ROON software. Thanks!

I am not familiar with your device personally but looking at the website it appears to support only UPnP/DLNA outside of its native control application. Which means out of the box it is not going to work with Roon I dont think.

By contrast the dCS network bridge is Roon Ready and so natively supports the Roon transport (RAAT).

According to some other review/testing, Amare Musica server should be Roon Ready through RAAT protocol. Please refer the below article.

It should be about the same setting as other ROON ready server like antipodes. Can you share the setting for other music server?


I’d suggest you should probably take this up with the manufacturer in the first place. Maybe you need a specific firmware revision or similar for instance.

Looks like, based on their website, that only their nano server and also their network player are Roon Ready.
Their two bigger servers - above the nano - are not listed as Roon Ready.
Don’t know how much these things are but it may be that you could get the network player and hook up from there.
If you tag support to bring it to their attention, they may be able to give more info on this.

Hi Ryan,

We have been in contact with the Amare Musica team in the past and they have access to our RAAT SDK, but as of yet they have not submitted any devices to be certified as Roon Ready.

Thanks for the suggestion! I have another network player, Auralic Aries…but how to hook it up?

Have a read of the getting started guide.

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Hell, it has been never through the test of Roon ready devices despite Amare use the sdk to make the product Roon ready. The Amare is based on a Linux core so not really difficult to make it Roon compatible with Roon, like totaldac and it’s cubox powered streamer