Arc. Offline Mode. No Album Artwork

Downloaded a number of songs prior to a vacation. Have sec now set up on offline mode as I don’t want to use Data. My core is also shut down at home. All of my downloaded songs I’m Arc are displaying no album artwork. Is this normal functionality?

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I and others had this at least in the past. I have not experienced it in months, though. I am not sure if it is supposed to be fixed or what exactly the expected behavior is if the core is offline, but I believe you must load every album once in ARC before you go offline, so that the artwork gets cached - which, if still the case, is not ideal.

Generally, the Core being online works better.

Below is a thread from Early Access testing from a few months ago, but since then the behavior probably had improved as far as I can tell, at least for ARC’s offline mode for a limited time. However, my Core is always on, so I’m not sure on your case.

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Thanks! What do you mean “load” album prior to the core being offline?

Going to the album in the ARC app - which can be annoying if there are lots (if this still is necessary, not sure)

Interesting. I’m wondering if this is somehow also related to an issue I have reported a while back.

Based on on the remark about caching I started scrolling through the list of albums. I noticed that for quite some albums the artwork was loading as I was scrolling through the list. So perhaps that is enough. I’ll keep an eye on it during my next drive.

Yeah probably. It should be obvious anyway, if the artwork starts to appear when one does this while online