Artist Equivalence Issues

Richard Davis - Two artists sharing one entry. One is a bassist born in 1930. The other is a techno artist born in 1952. One of them apparently played on Born to Run in 1975. I’m guessing its the bassist.

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Sorry, just found this thread 2 minutes too late…

Additionally: there is also some artists called “Mine”. Namely

Could I also report artist in this thread where one artist have multiple entries?
Cases where two artist actually should be merged into one.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jorgen,

Yes this thread is the right place for either of those issues (see Mike’s initial post).

Here are some equivalence issues:

Artist Ane Brun and Annette Joel Brun should be merged. (Correct artist name is Ane Brun)

Artist Anneli Drecker and Anneli Marian Drecker should be merged (Correct artist name is Anneli Drecker)

Clutch is two different artist, and the rock band Clutch is this one:

There are two releases tied up to the wrong Clutch artist and should be moved, they are:

I also have a related question. When I add music from First Aid Kit:

I actually get three artist in Roon, both First Aid Kit, Klara Söderberg and Johanna Söderberg. Is this to be expected? I would assume I could find both Klara Söderberg and Johanna Söderberg following links from the bio on First Aid Kit, but not as a separate Artist because their music is released as First Aid Kit. (I don’t get Dave Grohl as a separate artist adding music from Foo Fighters). If this is wrong, I have multiple examples where adding music from one band gives me multiple artist.

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really enjoying the Roon experience :slight_smile:

This album by Eric Johnson & Mike Stern causes a second Eric Johnson show up in the artist list for some reason.

The album Asperations (or here X-Asperations) by Australian band X is linked to the U.S. Los Angeles X:

My five albums by the German band ‘Ideal’ are partly linked to the US band of the same name, which I don’t have any music of.

See the magenta line in the screenshot for what I mean with partly: band picture, band bio text, tags, and the values for fields ‘From’, Formed’ and ‘Disbanded’ are for the US band, while the ‘Members’ field lists the musicians of the German band. The Wikipedia links are more diplomatic as they point to the biographies of both bands…

Englebert Humperdink.
Composer of Hansel and Gretel and Easy Listening crooner apparently.

Peter Cornelius, composer born in 1824, illustrated in Roon with a colour photo of Peter Cornelius, German musician…

The album Rude Mechanicals is matched correctly with correct meta-data.

However if I click on the artist link I get the bio for another artist named pitch black.

can you fix this link and match the pitch black albums correctly?

There are several bands or artists called Big Black, at least some records from other artiists are mistakenly credited to the American post punk band:

@mike How long does it take for these issue we point out to get fixed? My dual Eric Johnson artists is driving me nuts, I’m anal that way. :pensive:

Here are some direct screenshot examples of what I’m referring to:

My tags are identical for every album’s artist fields and I’ve set roon to use the file tags yet it still splits the artist for no reason.

I see the issue with this artist, and corrected it. I’ve also opened up a ticket in our system to take a deeper look at the problem.

The updated metadata for Ai Otsuka should be live in the next 2 weeks, at which point you may need to select all the affected albums, click Edit, and then “Re-Identify Albums”.

Can you try that as well @DrTone and anyone else waiting on corrections?

No, that album still creates a second Eric Johnson album when I re-identify it.

Here are few, I have a lot more but didn’t want to sit here all day writing this up so I’ll add more later.

凛として時雨 split as:

Ling Tosite Sigure (Albums): Best of Tornado, Enigmatic Feeling

凛として時雨 (Albums): still a Sigure virgin, just A moment, Inspiration is DEAD, #4

96猫 split as:

96neko (Albums): アイリス, baby cupid

96猫 (Albums): Brand New...

張惠妹 split as:

張惠妹 (Albums): 偏執面, 你在看我吗?, Star, 我可以抱你嗎?愛人

A-Mei (Albums): A-mei Acoustic Best, 阿密特, 日本地區限定盤, 爱的力量, A级娱乐

A-Mei Chang (Albums): Star

安室奈美恵 split as:

安室奈美恵 (Albums): _genic, FEEL, Uncontrolled, PAST < FUTURE, STYLE, 181920, Sweet 19 Blues

Namie Amuro (Albums): LIVE STYLE 2014 ~Live Ballada~, Ballada, PLAY, Break The Rules, Genius 2000, Concentration 20

嵐 split as:

嵐 (Albums): 僕の見ている風景, All the BEST! 1999-2009, ARASHIC, How's it going?, HERE WE GO!

Arashi (Albums): Sakura, The Digitalian, LOVE, Popcorn, ウラ嵐マニア, Beautiful World, Dream "A" live, Time, One, Single Collection 1999-2001, ARASHI No.1~嵐は嵐を呼ぶ~

麻生夏子 split as:

麻生夏子 (Albums): Precious tone, Movement of magic

Aso Natsuko (Albums): More-more LOVERS!!, Perfect-area complete!

平野綾 split as:

平野綾 (Albums): RIOT GIRL, Imaginary ENOZ featuring HARUHI

Aya Hirano (Albums): Vivid, AYA MUSEUM, FRAGMENTS, Super Driver, スピード☆スター, 平野綾

My bad, I now realize I should have waited a couple weeks.

Actually, this is a different issue – we tried to fix this, but I just took a closer look and it appears that this is actually something different :disappointed:

The problem here is not that Roon is erroneously marking two people equivalent, or splitting a person into two entries (which we can fix in house and put in the pipeline for you guys). This is actually just bad data :frowning:

You can see the issue here – they’ve correctly flagged Eric Johnson as performing a variety of roles on this album, including Primary Artist, which is what we use to classify the album’s Main Performer.

Unfortunately, they’ve also flagged Eric Johnson the photographer as a main performer. If this album were released by two different Eric Johnsons collaborating, Roon would be handling this perfectly, but obviously that’s not the case.

I’ll report this to AllMusic. Thanks for flagging it @DrTone.