Bluesound and multizone sync (via Roon)

@Yiannis_Kouropalatis How are you getting along with this syncing problem? I’m experiencing the exact same problem: I have a BS Node2 and a Pulse Mini, Roon core running on a Mac Mini, all hard wired through ethernet.

When I group both BS devices in BluOs no syncing problems but as soon as I group the devices in Roon the problems start rather quickly.

Have you heard anything from @support ? I’ve read the thread over at BS and not much help there… :frowning:

Hi @dibb

My experience is exactly like yours. I have a Node 2 + Flex and when I control them via the BluOs app then all is great and music is in perfect sync. If I use Roon (grouping the two) then music goes out of sync within 5-10 minutes.

Indeed Bluesound claim that the issue is network related but we are ruling this out by hardwiring our devices. So far the strongest indication is that the problem will be resolved when Bluesound roll out the latest RAAT version. Other than ‘we are working on it’, there is no indication of timeline offered by Bluesound. In general, they seem to take quite a long time in resolving issues and bugs so I would not hold my breath…

As things stand, I have had to adapt and compromise. I am limiting my use of Roon for single end points only. I really do not like the BluOs app but I am having to use it exclusively for multiroom playback. My listening is 80% multiroom and 20% single end point so sadly I have to use the BluOs app most of the time.

If I hear anything new I will update


Thanks for the heads up. I will give BS some time to integrate the latest RAAT SDK and see if that solves the problem.

Until that time, I’ll group my BS devices in the BluOs app. If you then select the one BS device in Roon, multi room does work and the devices stay in sync (as it seems now).

Just curious: what brand & model router are you using?

Great to hear it was helpful :slight_smile:

I am definitely finding a better experience with multiroom Bluesound devices when they are controlled via the BluOs app. I still enjoy Roon but only when I use a single Bluesound endpoint.

On the other hand I also use two roon bridge endpoints (Win 10 PCs) and they sync perfectly via Roon as long as no Bluesound device is added to the group. To my mind this adds hope that if/when Bluesound rolls out the latest RAAT version then all will be fine again.

My Roon Core is installed on a MacBook pro and I carry it between two homes so two systems and two routers.

Router1 : Synology RT2600ac
Router 2 : ASUS DSL-AC68U


I really don’t think it’s a “network issue”, nor that it’s a problem at Roons end. So if the upcoming Raat update in BluOs doesn’t solve it, BS definitely will hear from me… :wink:

I won’t be going back to the BS app though. Only to group my players and set the relative volume. For music discovery and playback I will keep using Roon.

You can try to group your players in the BS app and then play from Roon to the group you’ve created (it has the name of the first player in the group)


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@dibb - many thanks for that tip, hadn’t realised it works fine if grouped via BS first - that’s good enough for my use case, even if not as it should be.

@dhusky :+1: Glad I could help you with that. Indeed it’s a workaround that kinda works, but don’t let the kind people at BlueSound know… :wink:

[EDIT: after having read multiple threads here regarding clock drifting / sync issues, I’m starting to believe that this problem might be caused by Roon, and not by BS]

@dibb, interesting, must have completely missed those - are they recent? Any links? I’m not sure whether that gives me more or less hope!

This one is pretty in-depth: Grouped Playback exhibiting Clock Drift
but the issue was eventually resolved by the (very knowledgable) user.

also related to other hardware and eventually resolved.

And this one (but was also raised by Yannis): Grouped zones lose synchronisation over time

So there are not that many other reports but, in the last thread Mike mentions the fact that Roon is aware that syncing could be improved.

Before I’ll raise my own ticket / issue I’ll wait for BlueSound to update their RAAT implementation. According to Roon the latest update contains some improvements regarding the clocking / syncing of the slave device. So my hopes are on that update…

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@dibb and @dhusky

Hi guys,

Just tried the workaround (many thanks @dibb) and tried grouping in BluOs first before playback via Roon. It works for a few minutes but it does not take long for music to dropout completely. Once it does I cannot restart playback via Roon at all. If I ungroup (Node 2 + Flex) via BluOs then Roon works again.
Thanks for the idea anyway :slight_smile:

wow, that doesn’t sound good at all… :frowning:

Yep :frowning:

I have accepted that in my case at least, Roon & Bluesound is not working unless I stream to a single device / endpoint. No problems at all when using Roon with Roon Bridge end points but Bluesound devices need to be controlled via the BluOs app for reliable multiroom playback.

Hopefully others will have better experience

Hmm, I’m not willing to accept that because BS should be working with Roon (as it’s advertised to be Roon Ready). For me it’s also core functionality since most of the time I’m streaming to my living room and kitchen and syncing issues are very noticeable.

I want to give it a serious try to debug this issue (if possible), but I only can do that if BS has updated their RAAT SDK.
Until that time, may I ask how do you run Roon server? On what device and OS version?

Totally understand and empathise :slight_smile:

I have also been trying to find a solution for the past 2 months but I feel I have run out of options to try for the time being (at least until Bluesound rolls out the updated RAAT).

My Roon Core runs on a 2017 MacBook Pro 13 Retina (Core i7, 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD, Touch Bar version). OS is the latest version of High Sierra.


Thanks for those links - some of the info was beyond my networking understanding. My ROCK install and endpoints all end up connecting via the same switch but I was wondering whether UDP for timing would still need to go via the router? Would be good to eliminate the router as potentially relevant here - for the record mine is a Bipac 7800DXL.

Thanks for the info. I thought maybe if we all run Roon server on a Mac Mini that might give us a clue, but that’s not the case…

I missed another thread with the same problem (but you already found that one I see): Third speaker out of sync

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Although latest build 298 contains grouping and syncing improvements, it doesn’t solve the syncing issue with my BlueSound devices. Guess we still have to wait for BlueSound to update…

Any news on this issue. I have the same problems with a Node 2 and a Pulse Mini.

It’s now up to BlueSound to update the RAAT SDK. According to BS this update “is on their roadmap”.

I have been following this topic on many threads here and on Bluesound because of the frustration of this issue. I am happy to report that with the release of BluOS 3.4 the problem appears to be solved!

FWIW… I am using a Roon Ready cocktail audio x50D connected by Ethernet cable to an eero pro and a Bluesound 2i connected by wifi and they are now playing in sync. I was very close to abandoning the Bluesound device since this functionality is imperative to its usefulness to me. (I had experimented. before the BluOS 3.4 update, with connecting the Bluesound 2i by Ethernet with no improvement in sync).

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