BUG (?) Track credits not shown in "Playing Now" despite setting to show them

I have set Track credits to be shown on the Playing Now screen as you see here:

Despite this, they are hardly ever showing up, even though they are clearly there and can be accessed in the Album view:

Any idea how I can get them to show on the Playing Now screen - as per my setting?

Many thanks

I don’t think it’s your settings. It must be album dependent. I get this with my settings now:

When credits are available to view you’ll get the little ‘CD Crystal Case’ you see at the top right of the screen. When I go to play the album you show, there is no such icon and no credits. Other tracks I have that have the icon show credits, those that don’t show credits don’t have the icon. All of them have track credit information.

Well the credits ARE available. I see them in the tracks in Album view. Just cant get them to display in Playing Now.

They should show up from part 2 on-wards for multi-part compositions. Maybe a bug not showing them already for the first part?

Ha! Thats indeed whats happening. very obviously a bug.

@noris et al, could you please take note and follow up. thanks.

But its not consistant either. Just playing another record and credits dont show on 2nd or 3rd track even though they are definitly there. And then yet another record, wehere the credits are there from the first track onwards.

This mystery needs further investigation from Roon.

Well, guys this just doesnt work. Trying more optionsand more albums, moving track credits to top position as somebody suggested elsewhere. NADA.

Iam just seeing that many people have reported this issue before, including @Hans_Valeton etc. Some reports going back as long as 5 years ago. Does anybody at Roon care to fix this eventually ? Or will it add to the graveyard of unresolved bugs?

AND: Why is there no „Bug Report“ section under support or wherever. Because maybe Roon believes their software is bug free? :joy::crazy_face:

Thank you oh so much


Hi @bbrip,
Just adding a link to the topic I started a while ago:

It’s still there and continues to show its very erratic behaviour. Please fix this as soon as possible, Roon! It’s your GUI, for Pete’s sake, and GUI’s account for much of a product’s sellability (if that’s even a word :wink:

Should? As in “intended behaviour”?

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No, more like “It does for me so it should for you too”. And confirmed:

But with exceptions:

So there seems to be no intended behavior.

@BlackJack Not sure what you are trying to say here.

The “intended behaviour” can only be, that once you activate that option, track credits are to be shown on EVERY TRACK in the playlist. And not just on the 2nd track, the 15th track and on every album where the album artist starts with a “J” and is born in Timbuktu.

Its just totally ridiculous to even trying to pretend that this is not a bug! I think the effort should go into fixing this and not into defending such a ridiculous behaviour of the software.

I’m not defending anything here. I just answered the question from @Hans_Valeton to me. I don’t know what the intended behavior for multi-part compositions should be. Only Roon Labs can tell / create a consistent behavior but you know that:

It’s not my fault if you don’t get an official reply. :man_shrugging:

Sorry if I misinterpreted. Shouldnt matter wether a composition has 1 part, 2 parts or 82 parts (like in opera). The tack credits should show on every track. Just as the Album over shows on every track, or the lyrics (if there is any), or the artist bio etc. etc.

Hi @bbrip,

We have a ticket open investigating this. You have our apologies for the trouble!

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@dylan, just a gentle reminder that this bug which I reported back in June 2020 is still around in Roon 1.8

Thank you for investigating and taking this up eventually.

Bump! Bump! Bump! This dates back to June 2020. @Hans_Valeton has posted similar issues in April 2020

Still nothing happened till today. @support ??

I too was heavily disappointed to see that Roon 1.8 did not resolve this Track Credits problem! It’s very hard to understand that such a basic piece of the GUI simply does not work as intended and that this has been the case for such a very very long time!!!
Roon, please, please fix this already!

Another one that has fallen through the cracks. @beka has kindly picked up some other issue that was falling thru the other day. Still no recognition on this bug pending since a year!

What to say? Greatfully, some users are now taking up the job of bug tracking as Roon themselfs continuously fail at it.

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