Can't find my music

Hi I have a nucleus with 2tb SSD drive and when I run the roon software on my Mac I can not find music I have stored on hard drives that are connected to my ethernet. How do I identify these data files as well as the files on my nucleus.

A few more details would help, how are the other drives attached and shared etc.

Thanks, everything is on the same ethernet, But I can not get Roon to see them! The Nucleus is also on this same network and it does see that.

The reporting an issue part of this will show you the sort of things to tell people so they can help.

This KB article on Storage may be of some assistance.

If you know the network address for your hard drives you can add them in Roon using Settings/Storage/Add Folder/Add Network Share.

You will need to check that the hard drives are designated as shared on your network. You can see more about doing that with MacOS here and how to locate the network address of shared folders here.

If you are running firewalls on computers to which the hard drives are attached then you may need to permit Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe to have access through the firewall. Try turning the firewall off temporarily to see if it is making a difference.

Similar steps will apply to Windows, if that is what these hard drives are using. Just google “file sharing” and “finding network address” for the operating system and version you are using.

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