CD Ripping No Longer Working At All [Solved]

Hello all, I have a brand new Nucleus and am seeing this problem. CD ripping stops working, the Web interface dies (does not respond to reboot requests, etc.), and the only solution is power cycling the Nucleus. I’m very disappointed to see this issue persisting from June of last year until now. Any updates on this situation? Is Roon still in the business of supporting the product (which I would hope, since I just bought the Nucleus)?

It’s been an issue since about July /August 2020 I doubt they will fix until they release the nest iteration of RoonOS, 2.0. it’s disappointing if your a Nucleus owner as it’s not a cheap piece of hardware to have a broken feature, for us Rock owners it’s an inconvenience given its a free operating system.

Thanks for responding - I guess I’ll move ahead with a PC for ripping and hopefully they’ll fix “native” ripping in the meantime. Honestly, would be good for them to add media file backup for a comprehensive solution.

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Make sure it’s not a cable issue

Its very well docuemtned that RoonOS crashes the cd ripper completely and the webui power button also after ripping, only a hard reboot brings it back, no cable is fixing that, 3 different cd drives all with their own cables and still it does it.

I’ve had the issue numerous times.

What I noticed, removing the USB cable had no effect, ripper still appeared in the Web UI display as if the cable was still there. Apparently the driver was asleep at the wheel.

Power cycling the NUC with the USB cable removed would clear the ripper display from the Web UI. Connecting the USB cable again at that point would reestablish the ripper connection.

Too much trouble, went back to drag and drop.

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