Connecting NAS; Playing to connected DAC, not the MAC internal speaker

Roon won’t connect to my WDMYCloud NAS
Roon recognizes my PS Audio DSjr DAC but insists on playback thru the Mac mini internal speakers
now what/

flagging @support for you but you might like to provide more details of your setup as detailed here

the KB also has help for things like NAS connections here

Have you setup the PSA DS Jr as an audio zone and switched to playback in that zone?

Hello @John_McRee,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here.

For playing to a different zone, you have to select the desired zone first from the bottom right-hand corner and then select a track. Switching zones can be done with this button (it might say “System Output” in your case if you’ve never switched zones):
More information on Zones can be found here

You also want to make sure that your PS Audio Zone is Enabled in Roon Settings -> Audio, and can assign a personalized name for that zone on the Audio Page. The Audio Page typically looks like this:

As for adding the NAS, following the instructions wizardofoz posted is recommended, we also have another instructional section for adding the WDMYCloud NAS in this setup manual. You would want to add the NAS as a network share in Roon Settings -> Storage, the these steps should look like this:

Hope this helps but do let me know if you have any other questions!


Hello Noris
have followed all the steps to attach my NAS; used both IP address as well as the “Finder” indicated path. To no avail. I have tried also to add the various “levels” wether McIntoshHD or Users level or my named location. The same message comes back:

Screenshot 2019-01-23 at 09.33.09

I am at a loss what to do next? I have 2000+ records on my NAS!!

Config: MBP and Synology NAS attached via Apple Wifi network

Hello @Jan-Erik_Rottinghuis,

Roon does not support AFP. Please take a look at our documentation:’s_the_best_way_to_configure_my_NAS_for_Roon%3F



Hello Noris

Found in the documentation of the app for another way to address my NAS and that worked.
My 3000 records are online and Qobuz works on my Linn.
Interface a bit complex with many options.
Not clear yet how Roon radio works but will find out.
Quite a change from Kazoo though…

Thanks for getting back.

Glad to hear that worked @Jan-Erik_Rottinghuis! If you’re looking for a Roon guide I would suggest taking a look at our User Guide:

Any-non support questions you have (such as “how does X work?”) can be posted in the Roon Software Section and the community can point you in the right direction :slight_smile: .


@Jan-Erik_Rottinghuis As the connection to your NAS is wifi, this is asking for performance issues. I highly recommend using a LAN (wired) connection. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing “Audio file is loading slowly” messages when streaming content…especially for higher res tracks.

Thanks for the tip
My Linn Klimax DSM is wired to the NAS and no latency issues. I drove my music via Linn Kazoo without a problem. Just switched to Roon as Qobuz is now supported.
My MBP can not be connected for now. No issues so far. Will carefully monitor !
Thanks again !

@Jan-Erik_Rottinghuis the primary issue is that all Audio is passed through the Core so if its on wifi then you are pulling data from the NAS to the Core and pushing it back to the endpoint (Linn) also via the same wifi connection. This will be especially problematic if you are also indexing or analysing your music collection at the same time.

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