Convolving DSP, witch Windows recuired?

“Roon does not yet support loading convolution… This must be done on a Mac or Windows computer.”

usually I run my Roon on Linux Mint. Works and sounds great!
I would like to try DSP Convolution (Acourate), so I have o prepare a SSD with Windows.
I dont like Win 10 or 11 because of the annoying updates.
Does convolution work with Windows server 2016 or Win 7 ?

Roon does not yet support loading convolution filter files with its mobile versions (iOS, Android).
This must be done on a Mac or Windows computer. Or a Linux computer running (Windows) Roon on Wine as remote.

If you use Roon’s built-in convolution, then it is calculated in its DSP engine – no matter the OS the Core runs on.

If you use Roon 2.0 then no for Windows 7, Roon 2.0 requires Windows 10 or later (equivalent Server products may also work).

Thanks BlackJack
If got it right I have to use Win 10 if I want to use Convolution in Roon 2.0?
Alternatively I could downgrade to Roon 1.8 and then use Win 7?


I don’t know if you got it right or what is so hard to understand.

A Roon Core can be installed on supported versions of Linux, Windows or MacOS and its built-in DSP engine can calculate convolution filters on any of them. But to do that you have to setup the filter(s) first by providing filter (definition) files. You can’t use a mobile (iOS, Android) Roon Remote to do that. You can for sure setup a Windows machine and install Roon on it for this (probably one-time) task of sending a file to your Roon Core that seems to be installed on Linux. You can also borrow or buy a supported Mac computer. Or try to install and use (Widows) Roon as remote on your Linux desktop computer. This is up to you.

no, not on any of them, and thats my problem.
I run Roon on a Intel Nuc 8i5 with Linux. My remote is an Ipad.
if I try to load my convolution filters there comes a pop-up:

“Adding Convolution filters is not yet supported on this platform: To set up a convolution filter, open Roon on Windows or Mac OS”

I want to try room correction and load Filters in the Convolution.
I have to buy a Windows license. Can anybody tell me if Roon 1.8 works under Win 7 or Windows server 2016?

Yes, Roon 1.8 works under Win 7 and Windows Server 2016 seems to be equivalent to Windows 10 (but is not officially listed as supported so YMMV).


Isn’t that a desktop distribution (with GUI)? If so, why not try to use that instead of wasting money on Windows if you just need to send this file(s)? If it works, it works the same as (a true) Windows Roon remote.

thanks, now I got it.
I can use my Nuc with the Linux. Its all just about the remote. I just have to change the remote!
I just tried it and it works fine.
Thank you for your patience.
best regards

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