Deleted album by accident! Help!

Can I get the album I deleted back?? I ended up deleting the explicit version and I wanted to delete the clean version. I upsets me because I can’t even download it on tidal either. Please is there any way or anyone who I can contact?

If it’s a local file on your own drive or NAS you will need to restore it from your own backup.

I don’t know what that means, how do I get to that to restore it?

And it’s from Tidal, not from my own music.

If you downloaded from Tidal initially I can’t see why you can’t do that again, what is happening when you try to download it?


You don’t download files physically from Tidal, they stay on their server. From within Roon you search for it and find it on Tidal and then add the album to your library. Or from within Tidal you search for it and add it to your favorites and it will appear in your Roon library. Once it is in your library you can play it from Tidals servers without it downloading.

If that is not working describe some more details of your setup as outlined in this thread and support will be able to make some more suggestions.

I downloaded it straight from Roon. I added the clean version but I didn’t want that. What I thought was the clean version, I ended up deleting. It gave me warnings and stuff but I didn’t pay attention to it. What I deleted ended up being the explicit version. Then I tried to look for it again on Roon, but the explicit version was nowhere to be found. I just want that explicit version back and I don’t think I can ever get it back. I was wondering if Roon people can somehow get the music back.

I have deleted Tidal albums from my library and added them back later so you should be able to do this. Not sure why you can’t find it anymore. How are you searching for it?

Have you logged into Tidal directly from their app and searched for it there? Do you find it then?

You should be able to find it by searching.

You can also try deleting the clean version and starting fresh on the artist’s page.

Let me know if that helps!

I cannot find it through tidal or Roon. I only get the clean version and I am very frustrated with myself because it seems there is no way of getting it back. I tried refreshing, closing, and repoening and still nothing. :frowning:

@Anthony_Castaneda – I think this should resolve itself if you delete the clean version from your library. Then the album should appear on the artist’s page, as expected.

Let me know if that helps, ok? Thanks!

Are you sure this will work? I already lost one album, I don’t want to lose this one too.

It says "tracks from my hard drive will be permanently deleted. I’m scared I’ll lose both…

As long as the source of the tracks on the right side of the window say Tidal, you can always get them back.

See here. It says if the tracks are on your hard drive, they will be deleted. If they are from a streaming service, they will be unfavorited.

On my screenshot, it shows Tidal above Delete 10 Tracks button, so if I delete, I can always get this album back.

Cheers, Greg

Well I deleted the album. Now I can’t find either albums, how do I get them back?

Ok, in my example, I deleted Jay-Z’s Album. I don’t happen to have any other Jay-Z albums, so I searched for him using the magnifying glass at the top right of the screen.

Regardless, search for the artist you are looking for.

Now select the artist.

Now scroll down until you see the Tidal logo next to Main Albums (# of Albums).

I then selected Show All Main Albums on the right of the above screenshot and scrolled right until I found the album I deleted.

I can now select the Explicit version and Add to Library.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

Both albums are not coming up :frowning:

What are the albums?

Cheers, Greg

City of Evil by Avenged Sevenfold. Both the clean and Explicit ones are now gone

Hi Anthony,

I see only one version of the album and apparently it has some clean version songs on it. I don’t see an Explicit version.

Is this what you see?

Cheers, Greg