Does Roon modify or corrupt files?

Roon doesn’t change or modify files in any way, unless you explicitly use the Delete function.

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I knew you would say this but be assured it happens.
I don’t claim to know for sure but setting permissions will prevent this. I keep my music on a few hard dives ona Cust Windows nas server
The files are loaded and verified and yet after roon does it’s scanning some are damaged and cannot be played
Reload them and all is good.
One more question. Cana roon server back up be used for a roon gui install and vice versa.
And thanks for the quick reply and I do love roon.

Be assured something other than Roon is at play here. Sounds like your HDD is planning retirement.

One would think so even if there new lol. Do you know there was a roon last build that was noted as corrupting files ? It was before my time with roon but not long ago.
Just saying better to use permissions and write protect the drives unless your always adding music

The has never been a Roon build that corrupts files, ever. You’re misinformed.

Perhaps but let me ask who told me and see if there is merit
But aside I do think roon rocks no doubt and it has many great features just a bit over whelming in understanding what the check of a box may do.

Here is just one post found very quickly hahaha.
It’s not perfect no software is and how much is the pc or roon does not really matter

That post you linked has nothing to do with or even implying Roon corrupts audio files. Again, you’re mistaken.

This is my post - to be clear, the file is fine, it plays/played in other media players as well as Roon. It was marked as corrupt, not actually corrupted by Roon. Small difference in language/grammar, but very important distinction in practice.

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