Error: Limiting Roon Radio to Library (2020-04-26)

MacMini (MGEN2D/A), OS X Catalina, Roon 1.7
Tidal Master subscription.
Naim DAC V-1, Naim Nite 5si

Description Of Issue

Every time I start the app and try to launch Roon Radio I see the following:

Server (1.7) is running on a Mac mini (OS X Catalina) connected by Wi-Fi to Xiaomi Wi-Fi Mi Pro router, and I faced the problem during last 2 weeks after last Roon update.
Tidal works great on Roon, but now it doesn’t work in Roon Radio mode.

What should I do to resolve it?

Best regards,

Hi @Dmitrii_Osherov

Do you see this

[music/mlradio] _GetNextItems Failed: System.Exception
failed to init swim: System.Exception

in your roon server logs? Maybe we have the same problem.


Where can I find Roon Server logs?

Hi @Dmitrii_Osherov

See this instruction:

Hi @Dmitrii_Osherov,

Are you trying to start Roon Radio after the queue has ended or are you manually starting Radio?

Can you try to manually start Roon Radio from an album and make a note of the album it was started from and the time in your local timezone that it was started?

After you do so, please use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link.

Finally, reply here with the timestamp, the album, and the Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service link) and we’ll take a look.


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Hi Dylan,

Here is the most detailed description of the problem.

  • Mac Mini Late 2014 (MGEN2D/A) 2,6 GHz, 8Gb DDR3, masOS Catalina 10.15.4 as core. Roon 1.7 build 528, TIDAL Hi-Fi Subscription
  • WiFi but same issue with Ethernet. I tried both Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router and TP Link Wireless N Gigabit Router
  • Happens on Naim DAC V1 (USB), but the same issue when I play through Mac Mini itself.

Tidal logout in Roon, reinstalling Roon didn’t help out.

When I try to start Roon Radio at the end of any queue (at the end of any album playing from my Library): Unexpected Error: Limiting Roon Radio to Library
Album is: Ballads by Arnett Cobb, 2020-03-29 13:12:29 GMT+0300 (10:12:29 UTC) (see screenshot)

When I try to launch Roon Radio manually from any album page:
Started Roon Radio / Undo
Then it plays a second, and then writes:
Roon Radio: Nothing Similar to Play!
Album is: Nathan East Reverence, 2020-03-29 13:08:35 GMT+0300 (10:08:35 UTC)

The same issue is when I use Tidal. Roon plays any song or album, but shows both “Unexpected Error: Limiting Roon Radio to Library” and “Nothing similar to play!” when I try to start Roon Radio at the end of any queue or manually.

Logs are here: LOGS

If I can provide any more information, please let me know

Thanks in advance for your help
Best regards,

Hi @Dmitrii_Osherov,

I met with the team to discuss this this morning and have some next steps here.

It appears that your machine is having trouble communicating with our servers based on what we are seeing in the logs you’ve shared. Moving forward, we’re running some diagnostics on our servers so we can see what happens on our end when this happens to you. The next time you reproduce this can you please let me know here and tag @support and we will have the team take a look?


Hi Dylan

I am ready to launch Roon in 10 minutes and do any action you want me to.
Should I do this right now?

Hi again Dylan,

I just did all the same actions again, and got exactly the same results.
To be honest, I’m not sure what you want me to do next. Should I send you logs again?

Hi @Dmitrii_Osherov,

The team reviewed the logs and on our end and we’re hoping to continue to gather more data from our servers. If you get this to happen again today can you respond here with the time in your local timezone that it occurs?


Hi @Dmitrii_Osherov, hi @dylan

It seems to be the same System.Exception as in Roon Radio issues with TIDAL enabled

Hi @dylan
The problem with Roon Radio happens every time I launch Roon. The last time it was right now, 15:16 GMT+0300.
I first wrote to you about this a week ago, and so far your responses are about the same - “let us know when it happens again, and we will gather more data from our servers.” Again and again.
To be honest, I am unpleasantly surprised. Roon Radio was the reason I bought the subscription. But I haven’t been able to use it for about a month. Are there any compensations provided for users if technical support is not able to solve problems with functionality?
I was thinking of purchasing a lifetime subscription, but now I’m in doubt.


Hi Dylan,

Please tell me what your silence means.

  1. technical Support can’t solve the problem
  2. technical Support is not going to solve the problem
  3. Tech support doesn’t see any problem here
  4. Technical support does not read user requests

Thank you in advance

My problem is described here: Error: Limiting Roon Radio to Library
The support couldn’t help me, and then stopped responding at all. I consider this attitude unacceptable for software that costs $ 119 a year.
Tell me, can I count on further support assistance?
I bought Roon as the best software player, but faced complete neglect on your part.


What streaming service are you using, that error generally means it’s not getting a connection to it so will only play library tracks. Without knowing your setup it’s difficult to problem to solve. Is your Roon core fed by wireless or wired, are your endpoints fed by wireless of wired.

If your using Tidal there have been a number of issues relating to the new authentication method Roons using and it loosing Tidal login details it’s happened to me a few times.

I described my problem here: Error: Limiting Roon Radio to Library
Please read and you will find all the answers.

I would give them time to come back to you. Roon has a small support team and in this troubling times likely pushed quite a lot as they have life to deal with to. When they have more info I am sure they will get back to you. Yours is quite a unique issue by the looks of it so may take them a while to figure out a solution.

I would agree with you if Roon Support answered me like this. But when you are simply ignored, there is only one desire: to take the money back, and tell everyone about your negative experience.
Simple politeness is often the key to solve many problems.

I know this issue was escalated up to the technical team last week, and they’ve been actively working to understand the issue.

These problems can be tricky, especially when we’re not seeing the same problem as you – it means we potentially need to investigate what’s happening in your Roon Core, on your network, in your area of the world, etc, in addition to looking at bugs in our software or issues with our cloud services.

None of this is to say it’s ok you didn’t get a response – I’m sure you’ll be hearing from Dylan or someone else on the Support team soon. One of the reasons we’re growing the support team right now is to ensure people don’t end up waiting for a response, even when an investigation is ongoing.

Apologies for the slow response @Dmitrii_Osherov – it’s been extremely busy since the launch of 1.7 and we are actively growing the support team to meet this demand. If you don’t have a clear response from the support team in the next day or two, PM me directly and I’ll make sure we get this resolved for you.

And thanks for the feedback!