File loading slowly

hi please help;
i love the roon concept, i am life member , but getting mixed outcomes
i have the following system;
hp proliant mirco n40l server - 8 g ram, amd turion 11 n40l 1.5 ghz cpu, 4 hd storage bays, home server 2011
( have not installed roon core here as i dont think it would be up to it , but i wish to install on server,
all music is stored here, mostly flac,copeid from cd using EAC, some wav file some hi res , up to 192 24 bit , some dsd, purchased from lin, hd tracks , bandcamp, bluecoast records. also store here are photos , raw files waiting to be processed, video , hd movies , doc etc.
full networked house full wired , not wireless,
hp switch 141024 10/100/1000.
asus rt ac 870 router
.roon core on asus n53s lap top 8 g ram, i7 2630qm - 2 ghz, geforce gt 540 card, win 7 pro, samsung ssd, getting a bit old and will be upgrading some. ( have been having some problems with photoshop, maybe graphs card not up to it and or seen better days. which is also work laptop so is allways on the move , so core is not at home most of the time – not good. also i have to go and start laptop to play ps audio.
android tablets sony,/ samsung; phones sony, htc m9
end points -
ps audio DSj
oppo 105
plus PVR’s
HAVE HAD NO PROBLEM pulling / playing flac file from server on sonos, using sonos app.
have had some using roon to play sonos.
have never had any drama playing music up to dsd on oppo 105 from server or playing hd movies on oppo105 stored on server.
i am getting file loading slowly and music skipping on ps audio using roon.
sometimes i get days when all is good , then spend hours trying to sort out while i can play music.
question. could a tried graphic card affect roon.
i wish to have roon on server, so i plan to up grade - server 2016 essentials, place and ssd for OS in server , but , is cpu up to it , or would it be better to go all out and up grade server to a newer bigger better faster.
i will see next week if roon core on new laptop makes any diff.
i need to be able to draw from any of my end point when ever i want .
any help would be great.

I would make sure that your Roon Core machine is connected by wire and not running wirelessly.

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@paul_osullivan ---- Thank you for the feedback and sorry for the troubles. I see from your report you are making use of the following networking tools:

hp switch 141024 10/100/1000 and asus rt ac 870 router

May I kindly ask you to please expand on this information for me and provide us with a full description of your network configuration/topology. I understand that everything is fully wired in your home setup and if any other networking devices are being utilized besides the switch and router mentioned above, that would be good information to have as well.

Lastly, based on the symptoms you’ve reported, specifically with the “skipping” during playback it sounds like you are receiving audio dropouts. I am not sure if you have given our knowledge base a look yet but we have very comprehensive documentation on what causes dropouts and how to troubleshoot them. That article can be found here. Can you give it a read and let me know what you have tried.


ever thing is fully wired . no wireless used anywhere.
i do not have any problems with oppo 105 or sonos pulling data from server, or any thing else on network finding , using data on network, on when using roon to ps audio, and sometimes with sonos if using roon as operating system. never when using sonos own system.
thank you.

internet comes into house ( tidal ,spotify, vudu netflicks etc, the web), to asus rt-ac 87U router , ( router provides wireless for phones, tablets remotes ) cable from router to hp 1410 switch.
cable from switch to hp proliant server,
all cabling runs from switch to end points, such as oppo 105, sonos, ps audio DSj , strong pvr, humax pvr, samsung blurayplayer - networked , laptops 2 of; decktop 1,
normal small business , full networked home set up.
i have spent hours trying to get this up to exceptable standard , with no luck. my last resort is to update laptop, was going to do soon , but now will have to be sooner, and if that does not work, place core on to server, but i am asking , as i think server may not be up to it-- running roon.
i may have to get a new server as well and place core on to new server with a good i7 cpu, ssd drive and 16 plus ram running win server 2016 essentials , what graffic’s card is needed , and how important is graffic’s card on server.
thank you

Hi Eric we have a 24 port unmanaged switch (no other networking devices besides the router) which the devices are connected to:
ps audio DS Jr
Oppo BDP 105
samsun bluray player
2 x PVRs
HP N40L microserver
Various PCs
The room core is currently on a laptop, but we’d like to run it from the server. The laptop is quite old (7 yrs) so hardware-wise probably not up to the latest CPU and graphics intensive apps

Would appreciate your help thanks

Hi @Paul_osullivan ---- Thank you for following up with me and taking the time to answer my questions.

Can you please verify for me if you are making use of Jumbo frames anywhere in your setup and if you are, could you please disengage them to see if this yields a change in behavior.


Eric ;
i will find out what jumbo frames are, and check.
i am playing dsd 128 to an oppo HA- 2 lossless , right now as i type, using core on laptop, oppo usb from laptop , in my office.
roon does play 90% of the time pulling off the server.
this is what i am thinking
A; maybe when laptop is doing other stuff in back ground , or server is doing other stuff in back ground system cpu gets over loaded.
B; roon core should be on server. having core on laptop is handy for using roon else where, on the other hand i have to go start up laptop to play music at home ,
Having core on laptop and music stored on server maybe has too much work put on cpu of laptop or server- in other operations oppo 105 the 105 is pulling data from server and all processing is happening at the oppo , where as roon the opposite is happening , which for audio is a good thing , also data is doing from laptop to switch to server, bach thru switch to core (laptop) then to ps audio thru switch. this is normal data set up and should be no problem , but maybe something roon needs to look at, or something in set up can not take the work load.
C i understand that not many people would have a small bussiness like set up , but a lot would have a NAS type set up .i for one , dont want to lose all music file in a hard drive fault . i want one place to store all music , video , photos, doc etc , that i can access form any area of house at any time , thru any device i want .
i have a sonos play thru good marantz amp and speakers for bar, party room, oppo 105 in HT, and ps audio in listening room living room and the set up work great , and roon is great ( sound like trump) BUT at time it seems liek it is buffering and or file loading slowly. this would mean a speed/ processing problem somewhere.
i have spoken to local hi fi shop as they are setting roon up in there shop , they have had some problems , of kinda buffering , core on mac, music stored on NAS . they thing when mac book does other things it cokes .
thank you for helping , i will keep on at it , check out the jumbo files ? and check informing you,.

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I had this same issue today as well. Additional symptoms are listed in this thread:

Restarting Roonserver has fixed the problem for now.

Hi @paul_osullivan ---- Wanted to touch base with you and see if any progress or new observations have been here. Let me know how it’s going and if further assistance is required I will be glad to lend hand.


has been going while good for a while now , BUT, to nite after an hour , back to file loading slowly.
it is so frustrating.
can load or play any thing , flac , or hi res . seems to run out of buffering ??
i get this mostly with ps audio DSj i also have sonos playing from same server, and playing flac never seem to have problem
just never seem to be able to use . when working it is great, ps audio is great , but when working.

Hi @paul_osullivan ----- Good to hear from you, thank you for touching base. Sorry to hear of the troubles.

Moving forward, can you please verify the following information for me:

  1. Is your setup still the same as listed above? If any changes have been made please confirm that information for me.

  2. You mentioned the following:

" … can load or play any thing , flac , or hi res . seems to run out of buffering ?? i get this mostly with ps audio DSj i also have sonos playing from same server, and playing flac never seem to have problem just never seem to be able to use . when working it is great, ps audio is great , but when working."

Are you saying that you are unable to play any content via Roon and furthermore, is this behavior isolated to the PS Audio DSJ?


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