Frequent TIDAL Error Messages

I’m experiencing the exact same problem with Tidal and Qobuz on March 2 @ 5:19pm EST.

The native Tidal and Qobuz apps/websites work perfectly.

What’s happening? @casey_cook is correct - this is happening more and more



For example, when I open a Tidal or Qobuz playlist, I get this message: “The Playlist is Empty”.

When I go to Tidal Rising, I see “Failure to load Albums”

I’m running with very stable network here at home - 100/100, Verizon FiOS - rock steady.


Same for me, both Qobuz and Tidal not working. Also the search from taking too much time, now doesn’t work at all…


Yep me too. Also, right now if I go to the main Tidal interface within Roon, under What’s New - it says “Failed to load albums”

And if I pick a playlist from the next subwindow below that, in this case say “Solange Essentials” - it says The Playlist is Empty.


I should note that I just did a reboot, and now I can see these things. So I am perfectly willing to believe that it’s some kind of temporary problem with Roon’s servers, but the fact of the matter is that this is occurring at least 40% of the time I try to use it for the past 2 months. It’s becoming not worth the trouble.

Edit: WELP! Never mind, now it’s back to telling me to check my Internet.


I am experiencing the same issues. Albums and artists that are found easily on the Qobuz app/website are not found when a similar search is performed in Roon. I also see partial results in Roon - some, but not all the albums that are found if you search in Qobuz directly. I also frequently get the “network error” message when my internet connection and network are totally fine. Would love to know if there is a solution to this as it greatly diminishes the usefulness of having a streaming service integrated into Roon.

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Same here… What a disaster…

@support - I’m using Google’s DNS. Roon Core is my Windows 10 PC, and has presented zero issues previously.

Hello All,

Thanks the the reports, we are investigating.

– Noris


Yes, I’m also using one Google DNS server and one of my ISPs. I have also fooled around with other 3rd party DNS and the issue remains.

I’m sure you’ve dealt with Tidal or Qobuz support in the past and that’s the first thing they always tell you to check. :slight_smile:

I’m sure it’s time to radically solve the problems described above, which are obviously related to the problems of roon network equipment. Hey guys, we pay you a lot of money, it’s time to work hard. :wink:

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for your patience here, we should be back up and running again.
If you are having any more issues please let us know.


As I had mentioned, this is a recurring issue. Is there anything you guys can tell us about what the problem was? It might help with reporting similar issues in the future. Thanks.


Hello @casey_cook,

The next time this issue occurs, please respond to this thread with the local time at which you encountered the issue. I will then enable diagnostics on your account and pass this report to the QA team for further analysis.


Cool, thanks. Will do.

Instead of the usual "we are investigating " BS why don’t you give users the option to cache album for “offline play” so that users who have constant network issues can cache their favourite albums and listen to them without interruption.

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@john I wonder if this is something that could be attributed to some location caused issues like round trip delays on distant connections … my typical traceroute to tidal results in a 0.25 second delay…and I have a 1gbps connection…so it’s distance or at least route related for sure.

That said I don’t often have tidal issues. I typically use my isp dns servers as they have a vpn service I use. But my core (rock) also has as a 2nd option, 1st is my router

Again that problem. And could you solve it radically, because both Qobuz and Tidal work from native applications without problems, i.e. without delays.

I understand you’re frustrated, and some of the issues described in this thread may come down to some server issues we had over the weekend. Those are now resolved, and obviously we are doing everything we can to minimize those issues in the future.

Server issues aside, I want to be clear that there are tens of thousands of Roon users who aren’t experiencing these issues, so in order to move forward, we need to understand why the 8 people in this thread are seeing these symptoms.

What makes these 8 Roon setups different? I don’t know of any way to figure out that distinction other than investigating, and we take that process seriously.

Point being, when we say we’re investigating something, I can assure you it’s not BS.

As for the second half of your post:

We’d love to do this too, but it’s generally been a non-starter due to licensing issues, as mentioned here:

Moving on, for people who are still seeing issues with TIDAL, it would be helpful if you could start your own threads so we can gather information from everyone individually. The original post in this thread includes a few different issues, and there are also a few different underlying causes that could cause the “network error” message mentioned in the thread title.

Again – for others in this thread who are not @casey_cook:

If you are still having a problem, please let us know the details in a new thread and the @support team will make sure we get things resolved for you.

Thanks all!

I think what you’re seeing here is some frustration on the part of your customers. Rather than pushing back with stuff like “I can assure you it’s not BS” if would be great if you were a little more transparent. So you mention “some server issues we had over the weekend” how about you share a root cause analysis or maybe just a blog post talking about what happened, what you discovered, and how you’re working on making it better?

For your consideration:

BTW, no where in your missive did you apologize for the inconvenience caused to your customers.

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