Getting My Nucleus Running - Network Issues

Just unboxed my Nucleus+, connected, started and downloaded remote. I established an account, and went through the iOS app detected Nuc+, then updated it to 1.7. Then the app asked me to sign in. Stays there for a few minutes then says I have a network problem. My test shows 100mbps speed. So, why won’t remote start / login? Thanks for your help.

Hallo Serhan - welcome to the Roon Community. Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble getting started with your Nucleus+.

So that the Roon Support team can best help you, it’s best that you make your question as a new post in the Support/Nucleus category of the forum. See this post for the information you should provide to help the Support Team help you:

I have the same problem, Nucleus+, but I can neither sing in from my PC nor from my iPad. Roon is wired to a Wi-Fi LinkSys repeater with 100mbps tested speed and 4 wired outlets. I never had issues with any other gear on this point. Do I need to work on certain ports?

HI Serhan,

I moved your posts to your own support thread. Roon Support may not see your posts at the bottom of someone else’s support thread, and as such, prefer each incident be a new support thread.

Additionally, Nucleus help is in it’s own section called Nucleus Support.

Please provide the information to support that Geoff linked above.

That being said, Roon Core should not be on a wireless hop, imho. I would connect the core directly to the main router and then see if the connection issue persists.

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Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Nucleus Plus firmware 1.0 build 227, server 1.7 build 667

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Nuc+ is wired to Fiber optic modem Huawei EchoLife HG8245Q. Wi-Fi is disabled on Huawei due to its weakness. Airport Time Capsule Wi-Fi in bridge mode is wired to EchoLife. Time Capsule settings: Access control is disabled. Wi-Fi is dual band. IPV6 is auto and native. IPV share connection enabled, IPV6 incoming connections disabled. IPSec incoming authentication enabled. Teredo tunnels disabled. Port settings are none. IGMP snooping is turned off
Wi-Fi tests give me 100mbps down and 20mbps up

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Naim Uniti Serve & Naim Uniti Core on LAN. PS Audio with Bridge II streams using MConnect MControl. They work fine.

Description Of Issue

I registered and downloaded the app. Nucleus+ was discovered and updated. I opened the app it asked me to log on. When I did, it returned an error in network. Mind you everything else I own works very well and I can log into the account from a browser.

Hi @Serhan62,

Do you know what DNS you’re using? We’ve seen some DNS options recently that have had trouble communicating with our services as well as TIDAL’s. Can you try using Google or Cloudflare DNS? You can set these options directly in your router’s settings typically.

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Sorted, thank you

Hi @Serhan62,

Happy to hear you sorted this issue out!
Happy listening!

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