How to see what's playing (specific track) on live radio station?

I listen to Radio Paradise a lot, in part to discover new artists. I’m a new ROON user, stream to various home Bluesound devices with Qobuz. On the BlueOS app and, obviously, the Radio Paradise app, I can simply & quickly see what is playing when something interests me. I don’t see a way to do that on ROON.

If there is, could someone point me to it? Thanks!

P.S. The BluOS has a feature that, when you click the song, it gives you the option to go to the artist on Qobuz. Does ROON have the equivalent? Sorry if this is a dumb question but it’s a primary reason I have a streaming service like Qobuz, i.e. discovery.

Hello @Dan_Derby , welcome to the community but I’m afraid you might have hit a couple of bugs straightaway…

What remote are you using? There is currently an issue with Roon not displaying metadata on mobile remotes.

Otherwise, you should see the metadata but there is a separate issue where links are not clickable.

Roon is aware of both problems.

Hello @Marin_Weigel , I’m not seeing this on my tablet or phone… Is this just for RP world?

Wow, thanks for the quick response! I noticed the issue 1st on my PC but just checked and found the same thing on my android tab. And you’re right, the streams showing the metadata indication (-flacm) has it. I can make that my default and at least be able dig it out manually. The BluOS implementation has really spoiled me I guess. Thanks so much. Dan

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All *.flacm AAC MP3 streams show unclickable metadata for me on my PC, haven’t checked my Android yet…

Hello @Marin_Weigel , are you still having problems? If so, we’ll start a new thread.

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Thanks @BrianW for checking back!
Had forgotten about it all together
All working as expected now on Android, Win10 Laptop Remote and Win10 Core PC.
Case closed for me…

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