INFO: SongKong Pro Music Tagger 20% Discount for Roon Users

Roon is a great application for playing your music, but SongKongs totally automated music tagging features can make it even better, and like Roon we really care about metadata. Roon cannot always identify all your music, especially if your music includes partial albums or invalid metadata.

Using SongKong on your music library:
Improves the metadata to allow Roon to identify albums it could not previously
Can also reorganize folder structure to put split albums back into one album = one folder to help Roon identify.
Adds additional metadata for albums that Roon could identify but has limited information
Adds metadata for albums that Roon still cannot identify so they display better in Roon

Available for most platforms, with the free SongKong Lite version you can run a status report on your metadata, and fix your metadata in preview only mode so you can see exactly what SongKong can do with a pro license. Then for a limited period we are offering Roon customers a 20% discount on SongKong Pro and SongKong for Melco, just use discount code roonpromay at checkout.

There is more discussion on SongKong with Roon on this thread

thanks Paul

I guess I bought it a few days too early…:sunglasses:

That said it’s a great program…!

Can this add lyrics to metadata?

I will try it out tonight. Thanks for the discount.

I bought it a week too early…

It happens…it’s like $8. Nothing to lose sleep over,

Invested, looks good.

HI Paul, no lyrics are not covered as there is no reliable source that can be used.

Composers added?

Yes of course, metadata is added at a detailed level

Thanks. I’ve often found songs incorrectly identified using acoustid. What’s your view on acoustid’s accuracy and does SongKong rely on it?

If you could implement it somehow I would purchase otherwise I’m happy as is for now.

Using acoustid in isolation only provides song rather than album matching, i.e usually identifies right song but not neccessarily right album . Songkong does use acoustid, but also any existing metadata and folder structure, and groups songs only allowing an album match if all songs in grouping could be matched to same album

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Bought this SongKong for my setup…Running Roon Core on a NUC so…How to install that?

It’s a “stand-alone” application, download and install on your NUC. When you run the application you can configure it to work on the folders containing your music files. It initially operates in preview mode allowing you to check results before you physically change your files.

I hope this helps you.

PixelPopper…Thnks for answer

There are a couple of freebies that do lyric lookup, I used one but can’t remember which one

I’ll dig …

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This looks like the one i used , Its a while back

Just drag n drop and it looks up and embeds into a Tag “Lyrics” , I think you must have that Tag in your set for it to work. You can do albums in bulk . I did my whole Rock collection (1000 ish) in a couple of days , mainly “waiting”

Worth a look ?


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Is SongKong able to add track-level musician credits according to Roon specifications? I’m especially interested in this feature for Jazz. Anyone have experience?

SongKong can add track level musician credits, but its doesnt currently add them to the roon custom field, this is on the todo list