iOS devices crashing shortly after startup [See staff post]

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Description Of Issue

My iPhone app continuously crashes with rune 1.8 latest update. I’m not experiencing the same behavior on iPad.

The iOS app (on iPhone, not iPad) still crashes after just 10secs.
This has been an issue since the launch of 1.8…and is well documented on the community forums.
1 month on and it hasn’t been fixed. The updates to the app haven’t helped at all.
Don’t want to fuel more « outrage » but it’s just not acceptable.
I like the new layout and all, but the bare minimum is to have a stable, reliable app.
This is not the case

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Try this. The reboot has worked for others.

Thanks Slim. I’ve tried this already but unfortunately this isn’t a proper fix.
It solves the issue momentarily but then the app starts crashing again eventually (same for other people on this community)

Any news on this? I’m having the same problem rendering the iOS app unusable. It seems baffling that this hasn’t been addressed yet.

The storage usage of the Roon App is just crazy, no idea whats going on. see here:

I can confirm this: the app itself is about 380 Mb of size, but uses Gbs of “Documents and data” storage. I’m on iOS 14.4 with Roon app on version number 1.8.00764. Is anybody working on this?

Hi @dylan - just to add to everyone else’s comments - my app too crashes almost instantly upon starting it (say, within 20seconds).
I’ve tried re-installing it - no change.
I’ve tried re-starting the phone (iPhone 11pro running iOS 14.4.1 in English) - no change.
I do not have the same issues on my iPad.
Any news gratefully received.

Adding another report of this issue. This is my second time down the app crash road. Originally I experienced this same issue in v1.7 but that was resolved quickly by removing then reinstalling the app. This time I have had no luck fixing it. Even the new Roon versions that were released over the past few days (both app and core) had no effect. Strangely my iPhone, an iPhone 12 Pro, suffers from the instant crash on every launch. My wife’s much older iPhone (not sure the exact model but it does not have Face ID nor any sort of “notch” but it is not an SE) has experienced zero crashes. The same is true for her recent generation iPad Mini.

If you’re seeing this with a specific action, please describe the actions that reproduce this in detail

No specific action. In fact if I launch the app and just leave it there untouched it will crash in 10-20 seconds. If I shutdown Roon core, the app still crashes even if it never connects to a Roon core.

If the crash happens seemingly at random, how often does it occur

Crashes as I experience them are not random. They occur every time I launch the app within 10-20 seconds of launch.

Phone / iPad model

iPhone 12 Pro

iOS version


Core type

Roon Server on Intel NUC NUC10i7, Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, no GUI (nor any other frills for Ubuntu — this box is a Roon box and that is it)

OS Language

English (US)

Roon Language


One last thing I will add about language is that I do have a handful of tracks that contain non English characters (Russian and Japanese). Those characters do not have to be on screen for the crash to occur and I do not see any correlation. But language has been raised as a possible cause so I am mentioning it.

Hi, this is the same for me. I have an iPhone XS running iOS 14.4.1 with latest Roon build 778. When I scroll through my ‘tagged’ albums, for example my ‘Rock’ category, the app crashes almost immediately. The behaviour is, it freezes, and only a reboot of the app will restore functionality. Also, on the same device, sometimes artwork for tagged albums doesn’t display, effectively I have a blank display, I’m not sure what behaviour causes this but will look to reproduce and post an update.

Roon app usually crashes on re-visit on my iPad Pro 2020, latest iPad OS.
Roon core on MacMini 2012 i7, 16GB memory, SSD, 1100 odd albums.

This a new experience for me - Roon crashing on my iPhone over the last few days. Since the last update?

  • If the crash happens seemingly at random, how often does it occur: Happens every time now after about 20 secs of opening Roon on my iPhone regardless of whether I do something or nothing. Doesn’t happen on my Mac.

  • Phone / iPad model: iPhone 11 Pro

  • iOS version: 14.4.2

  • Core type: Innuos Zen Mini latest version

  • OS Language: English, UK

  • Roon Language: English

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New user in trial period. iOS app crashing frequently.

Nothing unique about my phone or setup. iPhone 12 Pro on latest public release.

These problems seem pervasive (and long standing) enough that Apple’s crash analytics should be available and helpful.

I love Roon so far but hard to imagine using it as a long-term solution with the current degree of instability.

Open to helping.

You will never get the full Roon experience on an iPhone, or any phone for that matter. I am sure the team are looking at the issue though.
I use an iPad Pro with no issues at all, so if you haven’t done already, trial Roon on a tablet.

Thanks, @Chrislayeruk. I’ve used it on an iPad and a Mac. It’s beautiful and delightful on those larger screens. But the “best” controller is often the one in my pocket and when I want to skip a track or quickly adjust the volume, the phone is the place to go.


I’m not sure if I should it call crashing, but since the latest update my iPad mini gen 5 freezes all the time after having put it to standby by closing the Smart Cover. Going back Roon is frozen, which can be resolved by killing the app and restarting it newly. Only takes a few seconds but is quite annoying to have to do it several times a day. Any others experience the same?

iPhone :iphone: app keeps crashing after a few seconds like everyone else.

Me too, after recent update of iOS 14.4.2, the roon remote of my iPhone 12 Pro keep on crashing everything 10 second, I need to use a old Samsung tablet to control my Roon.:slightly_frowning_face:

same on my iphone11 and it happens quite often too.

This is a never ending issue for me over different iOS, iPhone and Roon versions. The only fix whenever it occurs is to restart the mobile.

Any interest in the crash reports, Support?
Got many …

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