Issues with scroll not keeping its place [Fixed in Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

Same for me too…works fine without any filters but as soon as viewing with filters it scrolls back to the top of the albums list

Same problems. Very frustrating, especially if you have lots of album. I would not mind it if I only had 12 albums.

Apologies for the continued trouble here, everyone. I’ve passed these reports along to our team for further investigation. We appreciate everyone reaching out with this feedback and we’ll be sure to follow up here when we have more information.


On my Mac with no focus applied the persistence is kept when returning to the previous screen. With focus applied by a bookmark it always scrolls to the top upon return to revious screen. Really hope this can be fixed.

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Just tested this on my Win10 desktop and it stays put at my last visited place and does not return to the top no matter how I have it sorted or what focus or bookmarks/filters I applied.
Tried varying combinations for over 10 minutes with zero hiccup.

So there has to be something very odd going on for those it is affecting which is going to make it extremely difficult for the devs to figure it out.

Still doesn’t return to place on the new releases for you screen. Very annoying.

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Further findings,

The problem appears to be with a bookmark created with focused content. Interesting… I deleted the bookmark and then recreated it. The persistence then remained. A possible fix to try.

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With all due respect @dylan, but the team already knows and chose not to prioritize this. We have confirmation that it was acknowledged and worked on but after 6 weeks of agony with this issue it hasn’t been solved. This is critical, yet, star rating was deemed more important and was solved in the first 2 weeks. Now, I’m already up to “here” with frustration that not only it does not work, but you promised to fix it, added it to the list of bug fixes for 778 and it’s not fixed yet. I don’t have the patience for another 6 weeks until you get your priorities straight. I consider this a major oversight on the roon dev team part. I don’t care about excuses anymore. I’m a software developer myself. A critical issue like this would have been top priority since it interferes with the actual workflows. Imagine having bank tellers not able to follow workflows with their customers. Thats not creating any value for anyone. Thats how it feels right now. You are creating zero value in our lives.

But as you can see from this thread it does NOT appear to effect everybody so this requires some understanding of where/what the actual problem is dont you agree?

I agree, but who from the dev team actually gathered information? They didnt bother. This clearly shows their priorities, meaning star rating…

This fixed my Mac remote but not IOS. IOS has not been updated for me yet though.

Not sure I wanna recreate 30 bookmarks. Thats a lot of time to be wasted.

I have been certain this would be repaired.
I am truly dissapointed.

Yep, it’s pretty bad. But Roon are happy with their millions of new customers after v1.8, so perhaps we should realign our expectations.


Hi Dylan,
Same problem to report on iPad remote. Scrolling position is only kept on Albums. With any other filters on (genre, recent, etc) scrolling position is lost when you go back. I agree it’s very, very annoying and I am disappointed too that it hasn’t been fixed yet.

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A reliable online friend says scrolling as discussed in this topic is functioning on his iPhone 12 under 1.8.778. However, it is not functioning properly on my iPhone X. Both iOS and Roon are up to date, and I have done a hard restart on the phone. Thanks for all the work you’re putting into this.

This feedback may be of interest:

  1. deleting a focused bookmark and recreating on Mac remote cured the scroll back issue.
  2. waited for the ios updates for phone and ipad
  3. after update the new bookmark showed on the ipad but scroll problem persisted
  4. deleted bookmark again but on ipad and renamed it and tested. Scroll problem corrected
  5. updated phone
  6. new bookmark showed but reverted to scroll problem
  7. deleted bookmark here, recreated with new name
  8. now works on phone and ipad
    Maybe a cache issue?
    I am not going to do this for all my bookmarks.

This issue also happens when returning to previous screen from “new releases for you”.

I have to chime in and say that this scrolling issue (returning to the top) is a very annoying problem that needs to be addressed quickly. It renders the Roon experience (which used to be so effortless) into a repetitive chore of scrolling. There’s already too much scrolling now in version 1.8, in my opinion. So this is a pretty big bug. Also, I tried selecting an album and clicking back multiple times just to see where I would end up on the album list (it was a different place every time), and Roon crashed and I had to restart my Core. I hope this information helps in finding a fix.


As I already metioned yesterday I have a „scrolling problem“ that freezes my my Macbook Pro 2018 after the update to Roon build 778.

Today in the morning I got the Roon update (build 778) for my iOS devices (iPhone 11 & iPad Mini 4).

Now I have the following same issue on all (!) my Apple devices:

When I scroll down within Tags my Tidal-albums from A to Z I get to my Playlists that I arranged myself with my Tidal-songs. As long as I just click my albums everything is OK. When I go back from an particular album i am back from where i started within my tag. But when I try to go back from a playlist Roon on all of my iOS devices is freezing. Same situation occured yesterday on my Macbook Pro after the update to Roon build 778.

As far the only way to make Roon software run again is to restart the software on my devices.

Scroll into the middle of my Albums on my iPad and pick something to play. No Focus. No Bookmarks. Do something else on my iPad while listening to music. Go back to Roon and back arrow to my Albums. It goes back to the beginning. Every. Single. Time. This problem was assigned a fixit number more than five years ago. Still waiting. I did get the show more covers with this update but sure would like this fixed as well.