Lumin U2 mini released

Can someone confirm whether the U2 mini (or any other Lumin model) can control volume of a USB connected Pre/DAC? Not via Leedh, but actually just the connected device. My Classe Delta PRE supports this, and I’m wondering if the Lumin will control it through Roon.


No. This is not supported.

As an experiment, please bypass the M Scaler and connect the USB to Dave directly, see if the same pop exists.

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Hi @wklie Peter,

I appear to have resolved the Popping problem and it can be only be powering down & up the mscaler a couple of times (I have turned Lumin Streaming off, and restored it to eliminate it as a contributor to the problem).
Suddenly there is no “pop” on stream stopping or changing sample rate.

I will monitor this over the next couple of days and confirm the outcome by Friday.
Thanks very much for your help.

What about stereo multi channel routing for active speaker setups?
Using Roon convolution, or procedural engines?
Roon supports 8 channel routing via USB.

PM sent to you.

If your playback involves multichannel music for a multichannel setup, Lumin is not for you.

At most one can do is to use Roon to downmix multichannel to stereo then send it to Lumin, but I think that’s not what you require.

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In case you’ve not read it before, this may be relevant:


Thanks Peter, you may be right, it’s different sound but something I have experienced. I responded to the thread.


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Peter, thanks for the help. Firmware installed and will monitor for the next few days and get back to you. Thanks again for the great service.


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@wklie There are great upgrade kits out there like a combination with the Farad Super3. Will it be a problem when both devices are next to each other, somehow Super3 interfering the Lumin or is it well protected enough with its casing?

According to user reports from another forum, you may try this connection for Chord:

BNC 1 on M Scaler to BNC 3 on Dave bottom

BNC 2 on M Scaler to BNC 4 on Dave top


With a third party kit that changes the internals of Lumin hardware, it voids warranty.

hey guys.
with Lumin U2 mini upsampling, what do you prefer between 356.8 PCM and DSD256?
Also, is anyone else having noise issue with DSD256 upsampling with Chord TT2 DAC?

Do not use DSD (or any) upsampling with Chord products. TT2 converts DSD internally to PCM 705.6kHz. If you use an external DSD upsampling from Roon or Lumin, you are doing:


which is not ideal.

With Chord DAC, you should disable all upsampling in Lumin or Roon, otherwise you’re not using the Chord internal upsampling you paid for.


Good morning Peter, good to see you again.
Does Chord TT2 really upsample to 705.6khz?
I thought it was Chord M Scaler that does that.
Please correct me if I am wrong, thank you!

TT2 705.6kHz:

For further questions on Chord products internals, perhaps you may ask in their official threads.

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Thank you for the reply Peter.
I see, so TT2 upsamples itself to 705.6… wow…then doesn’t it already do what M Scaler does…?

Anyhow, the other DAC I am currently using with the Lumin U2 mini is Denafrips Ares ii R2R DAC (no oversampling, slow filter), should I not enable upsampling for this either?

Would not using Lumin U2 mini’s DSD upsampling make me lose much of potential sound quality improvement?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

98304 tap vs 1 million tap.

Upsampling setting is always DAC and subjective preference specific. For NOS DAC, you can experiment with upsampling settings to see what setting sounds better to you.

@wklie As you see maybe you can help solving one of the misssunderstandings: people (including me) assume the good sound quality of Lumen is part/caused of the upsampling.
So this is independent? It‘s just what serves the individual DAC best, but no matter if upsampling is on or off?