Melco £1999 ethernet switch

In my country the top of the range version of that switch costs 89,999 DKK. That is over 12,000 euros.

If you scroll down you will see that the smiling salesman asks “Do you need any help?”. Indeed.

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Dont knock it until you’ve tried it. I dont know why “audiophiles” do this

Over 12,000 euros.
A long time ago one good friend of mine told me “Dans never lie.”
My question is what is standing behind this Switch to sincerely justify its price tag?
That’s what I wish to read here and learn something from technically more educated posters. Real facts and experiences. How many Switches will we see in near future from other HiFi manufacturers in this time of streaming services. It cannot be simply defined just as a snake oil, though. Also there are some different approaches in building all that stuff which make all even more interesting.

Because they’re not prone to being audiophools…

I’ll take two! :rofl:

Because I think its mad to spend $35 on a streamer, then $1999 (!) on a data switch, and perhaps $10k (!!) on a network cable connecting the two, expecting a darker, wider, and more detailed sound stage.


Don’t forget Greenland belongs to Denmark. So these engineers could find very rare Troll hair in Greenland, which was cleaned by 3000 year old water, which was extracted from a glacier there. This hair is used as galvanic isolation in this switch. To maintain its purity, this part was assembled and installed by some Danish virgins.

If you look what incredible values are used, this is actually a bargain!


Is it? Just challenging this presumption…
My Linn KDS/3 is a $20k streamer, and I can appreciate its quality/contribution.
Where exactly does the ‘law of diminishing returns’ apply? I would say that’s it’s different for everyone. So maybe a $35 streamer isn’t so crazy after all?

Gosh yes! $35 vs. $20k for a streamer? The case work of the Linn is certainly impressive, but I’m using a Raspberry Pi with Ropieee, and I’m extremely happy to have $19965 left for speakers.


I think the crux of the issue is that nobody can agree on the point where “diminishing returns” actually becomes “non-existent returns”.

Nobody can deny that that a point exists on the spectrum where you cross over from marginal improvements to imaginary improvements. And the audiophile community (in general) has consistently demonstrated an appetite for paying exorbitant amounts of money or spending onerous amounts of time chasing improvements on both sides of that divide.

The argument centers on where the line is drawn, and there’s no consensus on that subject and likely never will be.

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Everyone has their personal pain threshold. Value is in the eye of the beholder.


I’m not disagreeing with you Mike.
I just think that’s important, in this discussion, to appreciate that different people have different ‘takes’ on value.
In my own case, my sources are a Linn LP12/Radikal/Keel/Ekos/Adikt/Uphorik, a Linn Klimax DS/3, an Esoteric K-01X BH, and a Chord TT2/M Scaler.
In total, my spend on sources in my system is the equivalent of approximately $70k. Is this crazy? Probably to many people. But as I say, ‘value’ is very subjective.
With reference to this thread, maybe £2k for a network switch isn’t so crazy after all? Personally, I think it is crazy. But I’m sure some people would pay double that. So maybe definitives about price and ‘value’ are irrelevant?


Totally agree!

This is a very good example

You spend billions for your system. In this case it is perfectly ok, if you say. I like the switch, the cable, it looks much better in my “picture”.

I only have a problem with pseudo scientific explications why you must have a cable that costs a million.

I like it, I want it, I can afford it. This is a perfect reason.

The same reason why I drive an expensive car.


As a follow on to my previous post, I’m sure every single one of us here has spent money on audio gear for non-audio reasons. Even the most hard-core objectivist might, for example, pay $20 extra to get a device in silver instead of black because it looks better in their AV rack.

Even if someone believes that your $20k Linn streamer provides no audible improvement over a Raspberry Pi, the value dynamic is the same. Despite the fact that the dollar amount is three orders of magnitude higher, the fundamental value equation is the same. If you think someone is crazy for spending $20k “too much” on a streamer, then the logically consistent position is to think someone is equally crazy to spend $20 “too much” for a silver faceplate.

If someone only objects to the first one but not the second one, then it’s time to re-examine their biases. There’s some other factor at play. :slight_smile:

Full disclosure – I spent $100 on my Ropieee streamer but I have $10k worth of network switches in my house. I don’t believe that the network switches provide any audible improvement over a $50 Netgear, though.

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I’ve spent $3,000. That’s plenty.

I did spend $100,000+ drag racing and $100,000+ flying airplanes.

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I want to be able to spend $2K on a switch.

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My car is worth about the equivalent $6k. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.
The concept of ‘Value’ and as it pertains to the individual is very, very, very subjective…


I drive a 2002 Chevy Tahoe with 170,000 miles on it. It’s a great car. My wife drives a new Honda. My goal is to own nothing, but cash, bonds, and CD’s (plus a few clothes). And, I don’t mean CD’s that play music.

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