My Nucleus keeps losing its connection [Resolved with Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Nucleus Rev. B

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Synology RT2600ac

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

PS Audio DirectStream DAC utilizing its I2S input from a Matrix X-SPIDIF 2 and powered by a Teddy Pardo LPS

Controlled by a 5th generation 32GB iPad Air

I’ve reset my router and disconnected and reconnected the power to the Nucleus several times and they’ll work for a short while, maybe a half hour at the most and then the connections is lost and I get this message:

Help, I don’t know what else to try. :confused:

Everything else on my network is working perfectly and I haven’t made any changes to it.

Does anyone know how long it usually takes for the Support staff to answer a post?

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It can take a while unfortunately sometimes.
You have posted in the correct place though but this may help?
Tagging them @support

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It looks like is your tablet losing connection, when this happens can you connect with another remote, like a desktop that is hard wired and not Wifi?

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Thanks Daniel, unfortunately all of my devices including my wife’s desktop Mac are connected to Wifi.

Is there something else I can try?

Just move the nucleus to an Ethernet port near the Mac desktop or the other way around and plug them into the same switch so you can test out the networking part first.

That way you can test whether Roon is running by going to IP of the Nucleus and seeing if you get the web page to load


Wi-Fi performance depends on so many things - a few tweaks in the right places can improve performance significantly, but, and it’s a big BUT, even the best Wi-Fi gear/setup can’t hold a candle to a cheap and cheerful length of Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cable.

I have 3 Ubiquiti AC-Pro access points, each with a 1Gbit ethernet connection back to the to the main switch. I’ve gone to a fair amount of effort to maximise Wi-Fi bandwidth by scanning the Wireless environment and avoiding heavily congested channels, using the widest bandwidth options on 5G and 2G networks, but not a single wireless device can saturate my 500 Mb/s broadband in a speed test. Speed varies by proximity to the AP, construction of the walls in between, channel bandwidth, nearby Wi-Fi interference, number of devices connected to the AP etc. etc.

It’s fine for casual surfing from a phone/tablet, but for serious stuff, a cable connection is the only way to go.

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You might like to take look at my long thread here Rock just stopped playing and restarted by itself? - maybe not the same cause bit similar effect - server resets and everything loses connection… and as for support, I’m not bashing them as you only have to look in here to see hundreds of “please help me’s”, but you could be waiting a long, long time!

Roon really need to get a support ticket system sorted, and considering the complexity of the underlying mechanics pf the product, maybe a few dozen more in-house trained programmers as support operatives? I would stick with it if you can, because there simply isn’t anything even remotely like roon anywhere else… and we all want them to succeed I’m sure :pray:

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Thanks Michael. Would I be able to do the same with a laptop?

Hey @S_J_A,

Thank you very much for letting us know of the issue you ran into - I’m very sorry. And yes, what @AceRimmer mentioned was and still is partially true: it is taking us longer than we’d like to reply. Please, accept my apology! We’re on a good path now and response times will be shorter and shorter.

Thanks so much for taking everyone’s suggestions (thanks @Rugby , @Michael_Harris , @Graeme_Finlayson, @Tim_Woodward for your help :pray: ).

I’ve moved this thread into our technical team’s queue so they can help with more insight on the Nucleus.

Please, bear with us just a little bit longer :pray:


Thanks for replying, Rebeka. I have faith in you guys. :smile:


Steve yes and device with an Ethernet port or can have a plugged in USB adapter

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It’s oddest thing, It’s been up and running for 12 continuous hours now without a hiccup. The only other thing I did since the problem began was to completely shut down my iPad and start it back up again.

Could my iPad have been causing Roon to keep shutting down?

Thanks so much to all of you who added your input here. :+1:

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Steve was Roon itself stopping or was it the iPad. I have often seen iPads and iPhones have network issues and need a reboot. But that would not stop Roon from running.

Glad to hear it is up and running now, so let’s hope it continues

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No Michael, it was Roon itself that kept quitting, I was still able to use my iPad after Roon had lost the connection.

Sorry Steve I might have asked the question in a bad way. What I meant was did Roon stop playing music (or did the music continue playing), and was it just your iPads connection to Roon that was broken?

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The music would just stop playing and when I tried to reconnect I would get the screen that I posted above in post #1.

Sorry Steve I have been on mobile all week as on holiday, so scrolling back is a pain.
Well that suggests you either had WiFi or broadband issues (even if just reduced).
The main thing for now is that it is working, and hopefully you will have an Idea what to look at if it happens again

Then Michael, I guess you’re saying that the problem wasn’t caused by my iPad needing to be rebooted?

I don’t understand why if all my other devices were functioning as they should, I would lose my connection to Roon. :thinking:

When playing music, because of the protocols Roon seems to have a high demand network bandwidth. This is probably why you see a lot of complaints on the forum’s of tracks being skipped etc.

Roon recommend a fully cabled up network for any devices playing music (not remotes like iPad or laptops that are only acting as controller’s)
Maybe rebooting the iPad helped, but it would not have fixed the issue with Roon stopping playing music.

I rebuilt my network after moving to Roon to make it more stable for playing high bit rate music as I was becoming very frustrated with skipped track’s (I even moved my Roon server next to the router), but now everything is very stable and I moved everything back to where I prefer it to live.