New Firmware SOtM Eunhasu 0.4.5

(Stefan Stefan) #83

Good points! My settings are Buffer: 0.5 | Resync Delay: 0.20 - didn’t skip even with DSD256.

Buffer 0.2 skips sometimes only with DSD - and 0.1 always skips. Didn’t find any benefit for larger values. These might also be dependent on individual network and settings.

Could anyone let me know if they can change the hostname? No matter what I set to, it saves the new name but does not respond to it, only to eunhasu.local.

Thank you!

(Fredrik) #84

Updated from 4.51 to 4.54 in Eunhasu today without any problems took around 5 minutes. Roon works as it should.

(Robert Joe) #85

In the upgrade page, what does “Kernel Check” mean and how is that different from Upgrade?

I wish SOtM would get someone that speaks native English to review their grammar in their UI.

(gnewelly) #86

thanks for the incentive to persevere again, and with 0.4.5

if and when I get it started I’ll make sure to reset the buffer

(Robert Joe) #87

The hostname issue is for me a static IP issue. If you specify a static IP, it still uses DHCP to get the IP address so you cannot get to your static IP/hostname. The odd thing is when you go into the config page, the IP fields are spinning, then it shows you have a static IP but you really don’t. This problem started for me in 4.51. 4.54 still has the same problem.

(Stefan Stefan) #88

Thanks for your input, will have to try specifying the IP, this issue also started for me with 4.51. The thing is, my router, even via DHCP always assigns the same local IP address to a certain mac address. oh well…

From a sound & functionality perspective, sotm is really great, I feel indeed they could benefit from clearer english copy and also some polish on the UI / UX experience…

(gnewelly) #89

Ha. I found the issue … the card reader that I was using to write the image was a total dud. … I wasn’t expecting that !

All good once I used another card reader.
So now updated to 4.54 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support through this forum

(gnewelly) #90

Sorry to post again so soon, but I will interested in people’s views on this

I’ve only tonight made the jump from 0.4.2 to 0.45. As soon as I got it going, Roon wanted to update to 1.6. The Core, endpoints, controllers. All went well, but I’ve found a very a different sound signature as result.

It’s much clearer, cleaner across the tops & mids, the lower mids / upper bass is much more in control. It’s a substantial improvement ! I approve !!!

So, the question is to learned folk here is: Is it the Eunhasa firmware upgrade ? Or Roon ? Or is it both, and I’m a dumbo and missing the point of how these work together ?

Interested in thoughts / other viewpoints. But hey, maybe this another thread altogether.

(Philipp Schaefer) #91

I made the SOtM update some days ago. I also noted a small SQ improvement. SOtM claims, that it should do that, as the Linux update they’ve done seems significant and should improve noise etc. Reading through the release notes from Roon, there is no mention of anything that affects sound. So my guess is, that you hear the new, improved SOtM. Will try to test Roon tonight. I’m very much looking forward to the new Radio and will try Q, as so many ppl said, that it sounds better than Tidal (which is hard to believe…).

(Fredrik) #92

Firmware 4.55 is uploaded to Eunhasu now, made the upgrade took about 5 minutes. Eunhasu is faster now and Roon working as it should.

(Stefan Stefan) #93

Hey, this fixes the hostname Bug! Great support from sotm, they were very fast with this.

Now I can call the eunhasu interface again up by just using s.local

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(MGXmusicUK) #96

Yes agreed and sounds much better as well …. The Firmware 4.55 is the best yet ……

(Mikael Ollars) #97

I havent had my sMS-200 connected in a while but connected it up yesterday and updated the firmware to the latest using GUI. It was pretty painless an just took a few minutes.
But, after this update i feel that something has happened. I played some Qobuz 24/96 from Roon both yesterday and this morning and i had glitches through the sMS-200…

Same song through my Aries into the same DAC, no issues. The sMS-200 gets it’s Ethernet through an old Airport Express (as a Wireless Bridge) which limits bandwidth in some ways but i dont have any issues when feeding the Allo USBridge on the same Ethernet?

What i’m getting at here is that i thought the RAAT protocol was bit perfect and would notify me if there was not enough bandwidth for the current endpoint? And certainly not just include hickups and glitches in the song.

(MGXmusicUK) #98

In this update, did you do the kernel update separately?

(MGXmusicUK) #99

Follow this link and do it exactly as the instructions. Then it would perform perfectly.

(Fredrik) #100

I asume you are on 4.55 now and also did the kernal upgrade?

What are the settings in Roon settings in Eunhasu? You might need to encrease buffer time.

Many of the problems I have seen lately with SOtM firmware have not affected Roon but in one of the firmwares I got stutter and needed to change buffer time (in Eunhasu) to get it working. With the latest 4.55 I have not changed buffer time (think it is 0.2s default) and I run Qobuz 96/24 without any problems.

(Fredrik) #101

Firmware 4.56 available in Eunhasu GUI now.

(Mikael Ollars) #102

Thx Fredrik, i tried upping my buffering settings to 0,2s instead of the previous 0,1s and that seems to have done good. Right now upsampling to 384Khz into my Moon 430HAD after patching to 4.56 and all seems just fine! :slight_smile:

(MGXmusicUK) #103

Last version information
Version : V0.4.56

  • Date : 29-1-2019
  • Speeded up Eunhasu user interface little more
  • Upgraded HQPlayer NAA to 3.5.5 for sMS-200, sMS-200ultra
  • Upgraded ROON Ready to 1.1.33
  • Fixed reboot function